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TEL: 1 e-mail: sales averlogic. The built-in address and pointer control circuits provide a very easy-to-use memory interface that greatly reduces design time and effort. Manufactured using state-of-the-art embedded high density memory cell array, the ALB uses high performance process technologies with extended controller functions write mask, read skip..

To get better design flexibility, the polarities of the ALB control signals are selectable. The built-in registers set can be easily programmed via serial bus I2C like control bus to perform various useful functions such as multi-freeze, P-in-P in the digital TV, VCR, and video camera application.

Both speed grades are powered by 3. Data input is synchronized with the WCK clock. Data is acquired at the rising edge of WCK clock. WE is an input signal that controls the 8bit input data write and write pointer operation. WCK is the write clock input pin. The write data input is synchronized with this clock. The WRST is a reset input signal that resets the write address pointer to 0. Data output is 41,42,43,44 synchronized with the RCK clock.

Data is output at the rising edge of the RCK clock. The RRST is a reset input signal that resets the read address pointer to 0. The serial data bit is valid when the SCL is high after start up sequence. For the recommended circuit for the global reset signal, please refer to the Application Notes. For testing purpose only. No connect or connect to Ground. No connect or connect to Ground 8. The serial bus control software code or tool is available at Averlogic Technologies, Inc.

The serial bus control sample C code is available in Averlogic Technologies, Inc. When the reset signal is provided during disabled cycles, the reset operation is not executed until cycles are enabled again.

With this feature the application design can benefit by matching up the operation polarity between ALB and an existing interfacing devices without additional glue logic.

Normal Write operation. Old data is retained in memory. Write mask function Write operation stopped. Write address pointer is also stopped. The access time is stipulated from the rising edge of the RCK clock. The following tables describe the READ functions under different operating polarities. The read pointer is reset to zero. Read reset. Read address pointer is stopped. Output data is held. Read address pointer will be reset to zero and output is high impedance after RE goes low.

Normal Read operation. Read address pointer increases. Output is high impedance. Data skipping function Read address pointer is stopped. Read operation stopped. An ORDY signal reports whether or not there is valid new data available at output.

No new data is available in FIFO memory. Window mirroring can cooperate with the window mode data access to flip window data in x or y direction. When window-mirroring function is turned on, write data can be stored in reverse sequence. The detail operation timing of the serial bus is illustrated in chapter Each block is 64 bytes in length.

The memory is operating in standard FIFO write mode. When Window Write mode is enabled, software freeze function override hardware Write Mask function. For some applications like video conferencing, this function can correct reciprocal positioning of a captured object. Please refer the following diagrams which illustrate Window Write operation. The operation of Window Read is operated independently from Window Write. Note: 1.

X-mirror and Y-mirror functions are not needed in Window Read mode, so they are not implemented in Window Read operation. Please refer to the following illustration as an application example for the explanation of Window read operation. Temperature Storage temperature Rating Min 2. The read address needs to be at least cycles after the write address. Controlling Dimension : Millimeters. Mold protrusion shall not exceed 0.

Interlead protrusion shall not exceed 0.





63-8318-36 FIFOメモリ AL440B-12-PBF


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