The Evil Librarians a series by the same name. Prepare yourself to be whisked away to the fantastical worlds of Brandon Sanderson. The Way of Kings — In a war that makes no sense, where ten armies fight separately against a single foe, Kaladin struggles to save his men and to fathom the leaders who consider them expendable. Brightlord Dalinar Kholin commands one of those other armies.

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We are all 13 year old when we read this series: : : " Unfortunately, I know that some of you Hushlanders have trouble counting to three.

This obvious explanation of our terrible mathematical abilities is the reason I had to re-check several times to make sure I was reading the right book in order I had already gone through the first two, also in order i might add, and was psyched to read the next one in line. Book 3 did not disappoint. But no, Alcatraz has chosen, for some very inexplicable reason, to go through the most awkward time of teenage development and is sticking with the age of And he has a crush!

It is adorable! It took him a while to understand what was happening, but at one point he was mercilessly given an unprovoked hug by the object of his affections, and everything became complicated between them Mostly, Alcatraz finds himself not knowing what to say and sticking his foot in his mouth in peculiar circumstances Sad, realy It could have been avoided if he had grown himself even with only 5 years.

By then, he would have known exactly how to be cool in front of hot, be it sword wielding, girls: : : " Bastille got teary eyed. Then she hugged me. Girls, might I make a suggestion at this point? To many of us a number somewhere near half , this is akin to pouring an entire bottle of seventeen-alarm hot sauce in our mouths. I believe that at this point in the story, I made several very interesting and incoherent noises, followed — perhaps — by a blank expression and then some numb-faced drooling.

Someone was talking. I cannot interfere with the rules of Crystallia, Bastille. Bastille had released me from her unprovoked, unregistered hug and moved on to speak with her father. I braced myself for another hug known in the industry as a "teenage boy forced reboot" but she just stood there, then cursed under her breath and hurried out after her mother.

I was left trying to figure out just when things between us had grown so awkward. I was tempted to think back on all the good times we had spent together. Bastille smacking me in the face with her handbag. Bastille kicking me in the chest. It is full of humorous, sad, and very tender moments and I think every person who loves to read for the pleasure of reading would not be sorry if they spend some time reading those short, but full of gems books!!!

At least he is for now, unless he has some agenda and has to hide his feelings from his son I am hoping for the latter, since otherwise he would be the worst father EVER! I might be exaggerating slightly, but he realy bugs me with how he is treating Alcatraz! Anytime I try to write poetry, it comes out as insults. I probably should have been a rapper, or at least a politician. Regardless, I sometimes find it hard to express beauty through words You guys have to read it!

This is how the author describes his own work, kind of This one here was terrible, though. It had all the elements of a great story — a mystical weapon, a boy on a journey, quirky sidekicks.

But it ended up ruining itself by trying to say something important, rather than just being amusing. I wish all of you Happy Reading and a lot of laughter!!!!



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Vs the Knights of Crystallia



Alcatraz Versus the Knights of Crystallia


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