Ann Anat. Epub Feb Alfred Pischinger : An Austrian career in anatomy continuing through National Socialism to postwar leadership. Hildebrandt S 1 , Czarnowski G 2.

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The project pursues an alternative approach which examines the causes and effects of inflation from the perspective of the value of financial assets. The project aims to achieve a comprehensive understanding of how government interventions affect two key markets: the housing market and the labour market.

The project will study macroeconomic fluctuations, identify the mechanisms that drive and propagate these fluctuations, and use the empirical findings to formulate models used for quantitative policy and positive analysis. Our two institutions share a common commitment to analysing and tackling societal challenges, with a strong focus on climate change and sustainability.

For further information about the journal, please visit the Economica webpage on the departmental website. The key idea of DYNAMICSS is to extend the sufficient statistics SS approach to dynamic settings and characterize the full time profile, rather than the average generosity, of social insurance and transfer policies.

By expressing optimal policy as a function of a limited set of statistics, the SS approach has the advantage of making clear the trade-offs implied in optimal tax or benefit formulae and of tightly integrating the theory and the empirics of optimal policy analysis, to offer robust policy guidance.

The prize aims recognizing promising young scholars and projects. The winner of the first prize has been given to Miguel Espinosa this year. The IOEA has become one of the most prominent events in research on institutional and organizational economics in the world. The Academy aims to promote advanced and original research on institutional and organizational economics. It combines theoretical and empirical analyses of the diversity of mechanisms, formal and informal, allowing coordination between agents, interaction between these different mechanisms and their consequences on economic performances and dynamics.

Beyond the will to promote IOE research, another major target of the academy is to foster its development among young researchers, to identify promising talents, and to spread their work within the community. PhD candidates, Post-doc, as well as young professors, benefit from both a high-level training and a chance to fit into the international network of the IOE.

Chris, 19, was chosen from 30 nominees for the award, announced at the LSE Volunteers annual celebratory ceremony on 28 April. This award is also dedicated to the rest of the Peer Supporters who continue to give back to the LSE community and consistently aim to make LSE a better place for all students.

Hopefully this will encourage many others at LSE to pursue altruistic endeavours. My advice for students is that volunteering is not only an enriching experience but also one of the first steps to making the world a better place for all. To submit a paper to Economica go to the online submission page. The project will investigate the effect of central price-cap regulation on the quantity and price of service provision within the public services. It will also estimate the optimal price-cap that maximises consumer welfare.



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