It is a part of the Dasam Granth and is the name given to the third Bani in the second holy scriptures of the Sikhs. This text spans from page 94 to page of the pages of this holy book of the Sikhs at www. Original text is over pages This Bani is an autobiographical narrated by the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh for the first 32 years of his life. Although the word "Natak" means "drama" in Punjabi, this is no drama.

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Nisho The chapters are numbered at the beginning, bwchitar the title of each chapter is given at the conclusion, following the traditional Indian convention. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It starts with a praise of the Akal Purukh. Views Read Edit View history. Several translations in Punjabi, Hindi and English exists.

This text spans from page 94 to page of the pages of this holy book of the Sikhs at www. This composition is thought to have occurred just prior to the founding of the Khalsa order by the Guru. The autobiography terminate here abruptly. By using this site, kahha agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sikh literature Indian literature Dasam Granth. It then gives a natzk of Bedis and Sodhis starting from Lord Rama and his two sons.

Part of a series on. Apparently the Guru became engaged in other affairs. There is some controversy regarding the authorship whether this was really written by Guru Gobind Singh since some of the content and style does not match his hard line conservative views of some Sikh scholars Sikhism Guru Granth Sahib [ citation needed ] refer to analysis in the external links section. The Guru has outlined the circumstance and history of bachittar time and how great courage and strength was required to overcome the many hurdles that were upon the community.

It is written in early Braj bhasha with some Apabhramsha influence. It starts with a praise of Akal Purakh. This page was last edited on 31 Octoberat Most Related.


Bachittar Natak




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