Book provided by the publisher Originally posted at Romancing the Book I have been waiting for months on this book not knowing that it came out last year. How in the world could I be so stupid? I read the first book in this series Taken by the Greek Billionaire, which was Penny and Sebastians story. It was greatly written and I knew I would have to read the rest of the series to see what happened to all three. Each one has a mark and Rachels was Dominic.

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He demanded. Turning from his position next to the huge, intricately decorated double doors of his London hotel, Dominic eyed the lobby. It was a bustle of activity. Men and women in business suits sat in the grouping of leather chairs, plugged in no doubt to the superfast Wi-Fi all his hotels offered. A second group—this one made up of women only—were waiting for the lift, two porters struggling under the weight of their combined LV-stamped luggage.

All of his hotels were busy. Booked out all year round. Unbelievably successful. He would accept no less. His trouser pocket vibrated and Dominic watched the women entering the lift as he lifted his Blackberry to his ear. And he was trustworthy. Being Italian, Dominic knew he could count on him implicitly. Certainly they had the required security clearance and were able but he was starting to think they were more trouble than they were worth.

Twenty to the hour. Which meant he was going to be late. London traffic at this time of day was notoriously hectic. For a moment he was tempted to cancel, but that would be conceding defeat—something Dominic never did. Instead he shook his head. Sometimes it almost felt like the damn phone was part of him, so much of his time did he spend on the fucking thing. Still it was necessary. Multinational hotel chains, not to mention a number of other business interests, did not run themselves.

Clenching his fists Dominic strode over to the reception desk of his flagship London hotel and caught the eye of the painfully perky young woman stood smiling behind it. She was petite and blonde, just his type, but far too skinny. Dominic liked his woman with curves, breasts, hips and dimples. He also liked them demure, something this woman obviously was not. As he approached, she straightened and pushed her shoulders back, thrusting her chest in his direction—an unconscious gesture maybe but one all the same.

They were all the same women these days, he thought, both her and the woman in the lift. Like huntresses they were constantly ready to pounce. It turned him off in the extreme.

He liked to do the chasing, not the other way round. An old fashioned attitude maybe, but Dominic was Italian through and through and would make no apologies for his behavior or his preferences. He narrowed his eyes as he approached. Her smile widened, she smoothed her hair. He scowled some more. Should I get Mr. The man knew how to run a hotel and run it well, but when confronted with the big boss he turned into a bit of a mess.

Not something Dominic would normally put up with but when staff were exceptional at their job he allowed more leeway than normal.


Bedded By The Italian Playboy

Apart from the steady ticking of the clock and the occasional bleep of an aged appliance, silence prevailed. Despite that, anyone who happened to look in on the scene would have stopped for a longer look. The first sister, Penny, sat with her legs curled under her. The ways she could curl her legs had impressed many a man over the years. She wore tight black, slightly frayed jeans and an equally as tight tee. It should have been black too, but it had been washed so many times it was almost grey. She sighed slightly, brushed her hair over and behind her ears before fixing her emerald eyes on the picture in front of her.


Bedded by the Italian Playboy ~ Chapter 4

And we agreed this all months and months ago. Screwing this up is not an option. She was doing her oldest sister voice, though Penny had often said that five months barely warranted the title. They were all in their twenty fifth year, each as old as the other, in years and certainly in life experience. God knew they all had plenty of that. Lyra nodded.


Bedded by the Italian Playboy ~ Chapter 1


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