Players in the first edition boxed set were represented by small pieces of cardboard illustrated with their likeness. Citadel Miniatures did release metal miniatures to represent players for 1st edition. The pitch of this editions consists of six interlocking cardboard sections end zones and center, split in halves with squares marked by white lines. In , TSR published a game called Monsters of the Midway which was very similar in concept to Blood Bowl but significantly different in-game play.

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Magazine Rating: points The Giants are an old team with a very long and distinguished history. In more recent times, thanks to the motivation of team owner and patron King Durinsgold, they have consolidated their talents and re- launched themselves into the fullymodernised, up-to-the-minute, high-tech Blood Bowl game of today.

In more modern times, the Giants have consolidated their skills with typical Dwarf patience. Magazine Team Rating: 47 points The Lowdown Rats are one of the least successful famous teams, with an astounding loss streak of games.

However, the Lowdown Rats definitely have a certain… erm… notoriety. They approach Blood Bowl in the same way that a pack of mangy wolves might approach a tasty-looking thundertusk — with sneakiness, ferocity and relentless optimism. Their fans are a loyal bunch, who have stuck with the team through thick and thin, and live in endless hope that one day they might win a game.

Magazine Charisma Cup V. Swift , Spike! Open Magazine Rating: points When the Elven Union initially came about, its first few teams struggled to stay afloat. Even though their players rejected the opulent ways of their old teams, old habits die hard, and more than one team was scuppered when its players decided en masse that they simply had to have new designer haircuts. The Eagles were born out of two such teams. Spearheading a new, business-focussed direction for the Union, they eschewed fancy outfits and extravagant parties in favour of drills, training sessions and even more drills.

Although the fans disapproved at first, the results of their dedication soon began to show on the pitch. Today, they are deservedly held as one of the finest passing play teams in the Old World. Team rating: The exact identity and origin of the owner of the Doom Lords is somewhat of a mystery. No two commentators can agree from where he hails and the theories as to his motives are many and varied. Whoever he is, it is apparent that he wields great influence; his web of power and wealth reaching far and wide.

It is no surprise then that when his interest in Blood Bowl was piqued, his presence in the game as a team owner was soon felt. When establishing his team, the Overfiend cut no corners.

He entered into numerous dark pacts with various daemonic entities and ran auditions tirelessly until he had the best cheerleading squad in the NAF. When it came to hiring the players themselves, the Overfiend was exacting, searching long and hard for the best players on established teams who could be persuaded or coerced to join him, and seeking out the most promising up and coming rookies who could be attracted with promises of glory. Magazine Team Rating: The Nightwings formed way back in the early s, based in the cold city of Naggarond, capital city of Naggaroth.

For many years, they campaigned within the closed Elven Leagues, coming to dominate the elite Elven Kingdoms league in the s under the captaincy of fresh signing Asperon Thorn. They are fondly remembered for being amongst the first Druchii teams to heavily recruit prospects from the Cult of Khaine rather than traditional training academies, making great use of these dedicated killers in key offensive roles, a tactic other Dark Elf teams were quick to adopt and that for a time threatened the Elven realms with a fresh outbreak of civil war.

At the time, many teams were in the area to play in the newly-founded Dead Wood Cup, which promised to become a memorable fixture on the calendar. Memorable it became, but not for the reasons that the organisers and sponsors had hoped, but rather for the outbreak of this most terrible plague and the decimation of the town, all thanks to the influx of players and fans attracted by the spectacle to come!

Team rating: Late in , the team that was to become a true sensation first shambled and lurched out of the gloom to take the sporting world by storm! Team Rating: One Halfling team that has survived, even flourished, beyond all expectation is the Greenfield Grasshuggers. Arguably one of the most beloved teams in the modern game, this venerable Mootland franchise can trace its origins as far back as the summer of Today, travelling widely and free to carefully select the competitions they participate in, even the most harsh of their critics must admit that the Grasshuggers are an ever-present threat that is bound to win a proper trophy one day!

Magazine Team Rating: Of the many teams that call Lustria home, few have quite such a storied history as the Crater Gators. A team famed through the ages for its stoic determination and rigid discipline, and one that has enjoyed a long and bitter rivalry with several infamous Skaven teams.

In their early years, the Crater Gators struggled to find their feet but, once they did, they quickly became a mainstay of the Lustrian Superleague.


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