The society did not produce any cameras, however. As of , the company Longines no longer wished to produce the cameras. Soon Paillard realized that the cameras and projectors were not in fact the exceptional products promised by their partners. In Marc Renaud, a young engineer, inspired by the products of Paillard and assisted by Professor Julliard,[ who?

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When a roll runs through the camera, only half the width of film is exposed. The spool is then reversed and run through again, exposing the other half.

THREADING: manual, with no loop forming; with the pressure pad opened the film is simply placed over a guide roller, threaded behind the gate, over the bottom guide roller and onto the takeup spool. Generous winding key, attached to the camera, folds back against its side when not in use.

Spring cannot be over-wound. Cable release socket allows for single frame exposures or continuous hands-free filming. Resets to zero upon reloading. Film sensitivity of ASA.

GRIP: Built-in grip with trigger release and socket for cable release. A storage compartment provides room for the backwind handle. Notes and Comments The Bolex K1 was introduced in ; the first in a series of larger bodied 8mm cameras termed "Zoom Reflex Automatic".

All cameras in this series featured a built-in handgrip with trigger release, reflex viewing and automatic diaphragm which could be set for manual control. The K1 had an "electric eye" type meter, rather than a through-the-lens system of exposure control. The reflex viewing system used a ground-glass focusing screen with a large viewing area; the space outside the field of view was tinted yellow and enabled the user to easily frame moving subjects.

Serial Numbers and Dates of Manufacture The serial number on this model is located on the rear of the camera, beneath the viewfinder.

It was superseded by the K2 in Later models have an alternate serial number sequence with a prefix of "B".


BOLEX H16 Reflex User Manual

Metal parts are chrome-plated. The end of the film is simply placed in a channel leading to the feed sprocket. The release is pressed and the film is then automatically threaded throughout the entire mechanism. Large winding handle folds downward and attaches to camera when not in use. Spring cannot be over-wound. The camera comes equipped with an Octameter viewfinder. A side release allows for locked, hands-free running or single frame exposures.



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