Aboard this compact starship a lone astronaut Captain William Buck Rogers, was to experience cosmic forces beyond all comprehension. In a freak mishap, his life support systems were frozen by temperatures beyond imagination. Ranger 3 was blown out of its planned trajectory into an orbit a thousand times more vast: an orbit which was to return Buck Rogers to Earth years later. Het vervolg The Airlords of Han verscheen in Het verhaal draait om de voormalige luchtmachtofficier Anthony Rogers, die in tijdens de inspectie van een verlaten kolenmijn aan radioactief gas wordt blootgesteld.

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Liner Battler 4, 6, 14, 11, , 4, 6, 12, , 4. S SensoriCommo Unit In the year , Col. Faustus Huer. Miraculously, it worked, and thanks to a set of unforeseen but fortunate circumstances Buck was plunged into a deep state of suspended animation that allowed him to escape death for centuries. Considered lost in action, Buck Rogers became a legend among 20th-Century heroes and a source of inspiration for freedom fighters of the future. Rescued by members of the New Earth Organization a rebel band ded- icated to breaking the tyranny of the Martian su- perpower, RAM , Buck quickly found himself the center of an epic conflict spanning the width and breadth of the entire solar system.

Luckily, being Buck Rogers, he was equal to the job. Buck stands over six feet tall, has sandy brown hair and a rangy, muscular frame.

A simple, direct kind of guy, he has overwhelming confidence and optimism, a can-do mindset that runs com- pletely counter to the self-centered, mercenary mentality of the 25th Century.

Buck hates to see helpless or innocent people harmed, and just hearing about such injustices can provoke cold- blooded rage in the normally affable rocketjock. He is even-tempered and rarely gets mad, but when he does, watch out!

His main interest in the 25th Century is the lovely but hot-tempered Wilma Deering. Buck Rogers is that man Traits: Easygoing, smart, a bit cocky comes with being a fighter jock ; stands up for the little guy; honest and stubborn. Extensive knowlege of Earth military history. Trademarks: A charismatic grin, blue NEO uni- form with full military package, a rocket pistol in fone hand and an antiquated. Has no personal spacecraft at this time, but can fly anything.

Her parents were active Reconstructionists, devoted to the reunification of the nations of Earth as independent and self-governing entities. Both of them disappeared while on a diplomatic mission, RAM was suspected for the disappear- ances and supposed deaths, but nothing has ever been proven. She was eventually captured and incarcerated first on Mars from where she escaped and then on Ca- lypso a moon of Saturn.

Wilma does not talk much about her imprisonment in either place, ex- cept to say it was there that she made many of her contacts among other revolutionaries, crimi- nals, and pirates.

She got free from Calypso dur- ing a raid by the infamous pirate Black Barney, and soon made her own name as a privateer in the reaches between Mars and the Asteroid Belt, preying primarily on RAM ships. For her actions, she has been sen- tenced to death in absentia by the Directorate of RAM, with a bonus going to the corporate officer whose troopers bring her down.

Wilma is a tall, striking strawberry blonde with a warm personality. She has an impish sense of humor, a fair knowledge of his- tory and popular culture, and can get off a quick quip with the best of them. Balancing this concern for others is a wild, irrational streak to put herself at personal risk in order to get the job done, particularly if someone she cares about is in danger.

One person who sets off this wild streak is Buck Rogers. The mutual attraction between Buck and Wilma was obvious from the first.

But between staying alive and battling RAM, neither one of them has had much of a chance to explore the ro- mantic possibilities. The other barrier between Wilma and Buck is Killer Kane. As comrades in arms, Wilma and Buck work to- gether quite well; she respects his combat sense nd tactical brilliance; he relies on her judgment and fighting skills. Traits: Hot-tempered, passionate either about a cause or a romance], stubborn, softhearted where children or other helpless things are con- cerned; can be an extremely ruthless fighter when she needs to be.

Locations: Chicagorg, the Sprawls, Coprates, deep space, and the Belt. Trademarks: Flowing blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, blue NEO uniform with full military package, laser pistol and a laser knife hidden in a sheath behind her neck, various gadgets for breaking, entering and assaults. No particular ship. Al Rights Reserves. The original Dr. Huer was a brilliant, if eccen- tric, scientist. Huer already Possessed degrees in physics, chemistry, biology and philosophy.

A restless maverick, he was only barely accepted by the scientific community, whom he tended to regard as stuffy paper-pus! It was Dr. Where Buck is blunt, Huer is diplomatic. Where Buck is straight- forward and a regular guy, Huer is much more re- fined and charming.

But Huer. In his own element, he is a vicious fighter and dangerous opponent. When dealing with Buck he is more human, and therefore more vuinerable. Traits: Unflappable, eccentric, brilliant, a little egotistical; constantly wandering off on strange tangents. Occasionally likes to generate small props along with his basic holo im- age, such as pointers, pipes, pets, and chairs. The future is the age of the data bank and the computer. She is a cold- blooded businesswoman, acquiring major hold- ings in large organizations through blackmail and underhanded dealings, and just as ruthlessly cut- ting them loose when she is done with them.

Those she has manipulated and betrayed do not kill her only because she has incriminating data squitreled away on most of the important individ- uals of the solar system. Among her investments includes a private orbital base whose sole pur- pose is to scan transmissions and information, and thereby indicate to her possible areas where she may make a profit. Occasional allies, lovers, and enemies, each keeps a hold over the other with threats of black- mail, hidden information and just plain old-fash- ioned treachery.

The pair are indeed an evil duo, allied only so far as their own greed allows. The only thing they al- ways have in common is an obsession with Buck Rogers—Kane wants him destroyed, while Ar- dala merely wants him.

Locations: Coprates, occasionally Luna. Her personal ship is a modified scout cruiser, the Princess of Mars. As the best pi- lot in the solar system, he felt that he was above the law, and when any irregularities were de- tected, he used his power and reputation to sup- press them. Rapidly rising in the NEO forces, he made a name for himself as the top rocketjock in the orga- nization. His considerable charisma he turned to- ward making friends for himself on the NEO Council.

Among these new friends was Wilma Deering. Even now, Kane still truly loves Wilma, so much so that he is driven. His other, less obvious, one is his overweening pride. With Wilma at his side, Kane the Re- gent would then lead his people to freedom un- der his enlightened guidance, of course. Killer Kane is tall and athletic, a deadly oppo- nent in hand-to-hand combat. While not as mus- cular as Buck Rogers, he is powerfully built, with handsome features, black hair, and piercing green eyes.

Kane has a few affectations: A small Pencil mustache adorns his sardonic lips, and he prefers to have his personal vehicles painted in dark colors. With the arrival of Buck Rogers, Kane was faced with a challenger for the title of the best pi- lotin the solar system.

Even in this, however, Kane has maintained his own twisted version of honor—in order to prove he is really the best, he has become driven to challenge Buck in direct combat, rather than relying on indirect methods that might be less dangerous to him per- sonally. Trademarks: Small waxed mustache and a curl of hair falling into his eyes.

When on a mission, prefers to wear gray and black. Tall, in- credibly strong, well protected by his armor, and with concealed weapons beneath the skin such as foot-long daggers on the inside of each wrist , Barney is a one-man fighting machine. Black Barney was one of gennies manufac- tured at a laboratory in the Jovian Trojans by the Dracolysk Corporation, a RAM division that had fallen on hard times.

Barney and his buddies, cre- ated by combining human traits with certain rep- tilian characteristics, were to be fully outfitted as space raiders, increasing the corporate bottom line by attacking rival divisions. Unfortunately, something went wrong and the Barneys es- caped, brutally killing their creators in the proc- ess. Unlike most types of gennies, the Barney line was designed to create a subtle feeling of terror and fear in onlookers.

His voice is inhumanly deep and inflection- less, with a slight, hissing rasp built in. In his characteristic battle armor, Barney projects an aura of inhuman menace.

Alllof this is not without cost. Barney is a creature without pity and with only the barest scraps of morality. Another 12 perished when the warriors took over the manufacturing complex, killing their Dracolysk masters.

The rest of the Barneys became space pi- rates, and over the passage of time only 14 of them have survived. Black Barney is one of them. The rest are known by a variety of names and la- bels, and not all are pirates any more. Black Barney is loyal to his master of the mo- ment, but perfectly willing to kill that master when he shows any sign of weakness.

Black Barney met Wilma De- ering briefly on Calypso, when Barney was on a raid rescuing prisoners that he planned to ransom back to their original governments. Barney is an amoral creature guided by few prime directives.

He gives loyalty to those who can beat him, punishment to anyone who gets in his way, and steadfastly believes that the solar system is made for plunder. At first, he stayed with Buck merely to satisfy his prime directives. But as he followed Buck through successive ad- ventures, a feeling not unlike respect developed within the gennie for the 20th-Century pilot who defeated him.

His conversation with Buck is usually monosyllabic, but Barney is starting to realize that Buck is a very clever strate- gist Traits: Grim, fond of cruel jokes, vicious; pro- Jects an aura of overwhelming menace.

Locations: Usually the Belt, although Barney can and does go anywhere he wants. Trademarks: Metal-and-plastic space helmet covering his entire face. Scars all over his body. A menacing, very deep voice. Daggers mounted on his arms. The Free Enterprise, a specially modified heavy cruiser equipped with a one-of-a-kind cam- ouflage screen. His original body is stored in a glass suspension tube in the basement of his palatial chalet overlooking the Mars-Pavonis Space Elevator, with his now nearly dead human brain kept active by life-sup- port modules.

In hologram form, he attends all board meetings of RAM, and at odd times he can be encountered stalking the corridors of his king- dom like a light-energized spectre.


Buck Rogers XXVC

Liner Battler 4, 6, 14, 11, , 4, 6, 12, , 4. S SensoriCommo Unit In the year , Col. Faustus Huer. Miraculously, it worked, and thanks to a set of unforeseen but fortunate circumstances Buck was plunged into a deep state of suspended animation that allowed him to escape death for centuries. Considered lost in action, Buck Rogers became a legend among 20th-Century heroes and a source of inspiration for freedom fighters of the future. Rescued by members of the New Earth Organization a rebel band ded- icated to breaking the tyranny of the Martian su- perpower, RAM , Buck quickly found himself the center of an epic conflict spanning the width and breadth of the entire solar system.


Buck Rogers

Questa guerra spinge molti governi terrestri ad abbandonare la guerra convenzionale e a formare grandi alleanze. Lentamente la SSA inizia a terraformare i pianeti interni. Nei laboratori di ingegneria genetica vengono sviluppate nuove razze di uomini, chiamate "gennie", come lavoratori specializzati in vari lavori forza bruta per lavori pesanti, combattenti, minuscoli tecnici specializzati nella riparazioni ecc. Il metodo principale di viaggio interplanetario sono le navi con razzi alimentati dalla fusione nucleare. Inoltre a causa della dipendenza della Terra da altri pianeti per le risorse, la RAM inizia a dominarla.


Buck Rogers XXVc

It was first published in , with a number of tie-in novels, video games, and board games, and lasted until about Advertisement: The game took what was perhaps a surprising hard sci-fi approach, given the original source material. The setting was limited to the solar system, there were no aliens, and the technology described was much less extreme than what is seen in many other incarnations of the character. It was effectively a retelling of the Buck Rogers universe, with some of the same characters and basic ideas, but it was not a direct sequel to any prior stories. Advertisement: The Ace : Buck Rogers, of course. Ace Pilot : Also Buck. He was a top air-force pilot in the 20th century, and his skills seem to have transferred rather well to the 25th.


Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (franchise)

I got a job surveying the lower levels of an abandoned mine near Pittsburgh , in which the atmosphere had a peculiar pungent tang and the crumbling rock glowed strangely. I was examining it when suddenly the roof behind me caved in and Buck is rendered unconscious, and a strange gas preserves him in a suspended animation or coma state. He awakens and emerges from the mine in A. She then explains how the Mongol Reds emerged from the Gobi desert to conquer Asia and Europe and then attacked America starting with that "big idol holding a torch". Using their disintegrator beams, they easily defeated the army and navy and wiped out Washington, D.

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