These software let you create various family tree charts and reports, and let you save them as PDF files. These basically include ancestor chart, descendant chart, fan chart, close family chart, hourglass chart, intermediate family, extended family, etc. As for reports, you can generate and save family group sheet, ancestor, relationships, timeline, addresses, descendants, etc. As these are basically genealogy software, you can also build, view, and study family trees in these.

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While you should now be able to decipher a GEDCOM with a text editor, you will still find it much easier to read with the appropriate software. If the file ends with the extension. Back up your existing genealogy databases, then open the file or import it with your software. Instead, a new file is generated by a process called exporting. Exporting a GEDCOM file is easy to do with any family tree software by following the basic instructions offered in the software help tool. Sometimes given in connection with a naming ceremony.

Typically used in connection with a DATE to specify when a change in information occurred. Normally an incorporated municipal unit.

The information from the CONC value is to be connected to the value of the superior preceding line without a space and without a carriage return or newline character. Values that are split for a CONC tag must always be split at a non-space. If the value is split on a space the space will be lost when concatenation takes place. This is because of the treatment that spaces get as a GEDCOM delimiter, many GEDCOM values are trimmed of trailing spaces and some systems look for the first non-space starting after the tag to determine the beginning of the value.

The information from the CONT value is to be connected to the value of the superior preceding line with a carriage return or newline character. Leading spaces could be important to the formatting of the resultant text. Assume that the rest of the leading spaces are to be a part of the value. Names stored in a file that is assigned to a family for doing temple ordinance work. More than one NAME line should be used for people who were known by multiple names.

In this example jr. Usually referring to the data required to represent a multimedia object, such as an audio recording, a photograph of a person or an image of a document. May indicate several related court activities over several dates. Used for tax identification purposes.

Fractions of seconds are shown in decimal notation. The value does not have any computer processing reliability. It is more in the form of a short one- or two-word note that should be displayed any time the associated data is displayed. See also PROB.


How to Generate GEDCOM Files



How to Use a Genealogical Data Communication (GEDCOM) File


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