Even veteran debuggers will likely learn a thing or two. Debuggers who naturally use these rules are hard to find. The easy way and the artistic way do not find problems quickly. Buy the Book If you are interested in purchasing this book, you can support Embedded Artistry by using our Amazon affiliate link: By David J Agans My Highlights When it took us a long time to find a bug, it was because we had neglected some essential, fundamental rule; once we applied the rule, we quickly found the problem. People who excelled at quick debugging inherently understood and applied these rules. Those who struggled to understand or use these rules struggled to find bugs.

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I had some issues following all the explanation debugginf. Debugging Rules! A solid book on general timeless debugging principles. Victor Grigoriu rated it it was amazing Jun 13, Very light and lots and lots of war stories but aimed to be amusing and was at least somewhat amusing and fairly short. To ask other readers questions about Debuggingplease sign aagans. Dec 09, Bob rated it really liked it.

Want to Read saving…. In my favorite war story, an intermittent video-processing bug was eventually traced to the plaid flannel shirt the author happened to be wearing on the days the bug occurred. Note that the book is not technical. Divide and conquer 5. Quit Thinking and Look. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. I recently did a talk about debugging and there was a lot of overlap. His nine common sense rules for successful computer program code and hardware troubleshooting and debugging are applicable to all fields of technical endeavor.

Apr 07, Tanvi rated it really liked it. Make it fail 3. The nine debugging rules that Agans lays out are applicable to any problem that you need to solve.

Preview — Debugging by David J. A must read for all engineers and programmers. Jul 03, Chris Lim rated it it was amazing. Agans is a recognized expert called in to help with tough debugging problems. He has worked with industrial control and monitoring systems, integrated circuit design, handheld PCs, videoconferencing, and countless other systems. David A. Written in a frank but engaging style, Debuggingprovides simple, foolproof principles guaranteed to help find any bug quickly.

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Summary of “Debugging” by David Agans

Understand the System Never guess or assume — Look it up! Always check for previously suspected bugs e. Know your debugging tools — what to choose, how to interpret, their limitations: Stepping-thru reveals logic flaws, but says nothing about timing issues; Profiling reveals timing bottlenecks, but says nothing about logic. Know how compiler and linker work too — how data is handled and how memory is allocated.



David A. This book explains the fundamentals of finding and fixing bugs once a bug has been detected , rather than any particular technology. This is a book I expect to find useful many, many, years from now. The entire book revolves around the "nine rules. Most importantly, there are lots of "war stories" that are both fun to read and good illustrations of how to put the rule into practice. Since the whole book revolves around the nine rules, it might help to understand the book by skimming the rules and their sub-rules: Understand the system: Read the manual, read everything in depth, know the fundamentals, know the road map, understand your tools, and look up the details.


Debugging: 9 Indispensable Rules

Recommended for any and all troubleshooters, no matter what your field. Useful and applicable methods for debugging. Jan 03, Frank rated it it was amazing. May 25, Michael rated it really liked it.

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