Built to handle demanding computing and graphic-intensive tasks, this workstation combines an Intel Core i7 processor with Nvidia Quadro graphics in an elegant and durable chassis. The Design Dell designed the M for function, not fashion. However, there is an understated elegance to its fingerprint-resistant, gunmetal gray, anodized aluminum lid.

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Auf einen Verriegelungsmechanismus wird dabei jedoch verzichtet. Based on the same mobile This article covers how this mobile workstation performs in our tests. Basically, Dell offers three different product lines for business customers. It follows the Latitude series, which especially focuses on many communication features and scores points by an excellent mobility. Finally, the Precision series is designed for top performance, equipped with powerful CPUs and GPUs and can so also be of interest for professional 3D graphics and visualization.

For these purposes one might probably also consider the XPS series, but, this is primarily designed for gaming. Of course also private customers, who want to profit from the mature and stable technology of professional notebooks and are poised for spending more money for them, may buy these notebooks. If so, you should consider the price of the business models listed by Dell is exclusive of VAT, but VAT has to be definitely added for private customers.

On the part of Dell, shipping fees are also fine print up to the last cost listing. That is except of the type designation left above the keyboard. This change concerns the display lid, which now has a silver finish and a wavelike structure. The stability of the case stayed the same. Also the Precision M is exclusively made of magnesium parts. This is also true for the re-designed lid. Some of the following pictures are also from this review, because the look of the Precision M does except of the lid not differ from the Latitude E To summarize, the case stability of the M is excellent.

So, nothing gets in the way of an intensive mobile use of this notebook. In total 4 USB 2. Besides an obligatory FireWire port and LAN and audio ports headphones and microphone , the built-in new digital display port belongs to the most important features. This allows alike an HDMI port or alike a clearly bigger DVI port, connecting an external screen to the notebook at digital transfer quality and it also support high resolutions of especially big displays.

According to Dell up to two external 30 inch displays with a maximum resolution of x pixels are supported by the Dell Precision M This offers excellent possibilities of maximum desktop size and overview especially for graphics and CAD users. In case of the E-Port Plus by Dell, this is two further display interfaces via DVI or Displayport, which allows connecting two external screens as mentioned above. But, this is still not all.

The offered interfaces are distributed on the left and right side towards the back. So, the areas left and right beside the laptop are always free from disturbing cables and plugs. Besides the home-made Dell Wireless Furthermore, an 56k modem is optionally available. But, our test sample was not equipped with such and the provided slot is occupied by a plastic dummy. The SIM card of the particular service provider can also be added via the battery slot.

The M offers many security features. One of it is, e. Access control can be either implemented by the optional fingerprint reader or by the SmartCard reader. In this aspect also the integrated Dell ControlPoint software is to some degree helpful. Comparable to the Lenovo ThinkVantage software, it helps configuring your laptop. These include e. So, you can continue working with XP as you might be used to, and upgrade to the Vista version included in the delivery later on, provided that you have a valid Windows XP license.

Even for those you do not want to run Windows or want to try something else Dell has an appropriate offer. That is RedHat Linux Version 5. In terms of warranty Dell extends three years base warranty with on-site service on the next work day ex factory.

Furthermore, it is also possible to enhance the warranty to up to five years ProSupport surcharge: This also includes that a technician is always on standby in case of hardware problems and support for standard applications like Office, Adobe Photoshop, Also the Precision M optionally comes with a keyboard lighting, which is helpful in dim environments.

The keyboard layout groups the function keys alike Thinkpad models already do for a long time. An advantage is the key size, which allows getting used to this keyboard in a short time. Apropos familiarization phase: The keyboard of the M unfortunately also has a space bar, which is not centred. So, you might make mistakes in the beginning, especially with the left thumb.

Typing on this keyboard can be characterised by a clear feedback. The very comfortable tapping convinced, because even when typing slightly more forcefully, the noise stayed low. Both of them allow navigating without problem even without external mouse. Nevertheless, they do not reach the high quality of the mobile mouse replacements in the up-to-date Thinkpad T and W models. Even more, because Lenovo allowed the quality of the Thinkpad keys to slightly drop.

The entry-level model is a WXGA panel with a resolution of x pixels and matte anti-glare coating. Nevertheless, for the actual target group of the Precision M, photo, CAD, and 3D visualisation professionals, only one of the top two panels are of interest.


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