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DIN Wire nails with extra large head. The password must be at least 8 characters long and be composed of numbers and letters, with at least 4 different characters. DIN Plain washers sn clevis pins. Price for 1 unit Price for units Price for units. You can refine your search by selecting different attributes.

DIN Hexagon domed cap nuts. Alternatively you can contact your sales representative. Login with mobile phone number. DIN Hexagon nuts with collar 1. Services and applications to accompany the product. DIN Washers for high-tensile structural bolting. DIN Round nails with cold head. Where can i find my customer number? Screws, nuts and accessories not to DIN N — 7. Improper storage or transport conditions may cause corrosion of the female thread or a change in the condition of the lubrication, thus changing the relationship between tightening torque and pre-tension force.

Flat washer with chamfer for high-strength fittings Shopping basket Contact Applications Whatsapp. Only use complete fitting sets from one manufacturer 1 bolt, 1 nut, 2 washers. DIN Rope clamps. You can create a new order template here. DIN Spring type straight pins, slotted, heavy type. Login Become a customer! TENZ wood building screw. JD Plus Chipboard screws. Register now in three simple steps to use dun functions of the Online-Shop.

Show all product details. In generally we suggest: In the catalog segment you can choose from different packaging units if a pop-up menu is displayed.

DIN Woodruff keys. Related Posts.


EN 14399-6



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DIN EN 14399-6


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