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Vaccine-preventable Diseases Vaccine-preventable Diseases The routine childhood vaccines are designed to prevent, or decrease the risk of many diseases. Some diseases are more common than others. Some are more serious than others. Here is a very brief look at each of the vaccine-preventable diseases: Haemophilus Influenza type B This bacteria causes meningitis and bloodstream infections.

It used to be extremely common, but is now very rare. Most cases are in infants or the elderly. It can be fatal. Pneumococcal Disease This bacteria causes meningitis, bloodstream infections, and pneumonia. Severe cases are uncommon, and occur mostly in infants or the elderly. Diphtheria This bacteria causes a severe throat and upper lung infection. It has been virtually eradicated from the U.

Tetanus This bacteria causes weakness and paralysis when allowed to fester in a deep, dirty wound. It is fairly rare and occurs mainly in adults. Pertussis whooping cough This bacteria causes severe coughing fits. Fatalities do occur, mainly in young infants. It is still a very common illness in the U. Hepatitis B This virus causes severe liver damage. It is a sexually transmitted disease, or contracted through other means of blood exposure.

It is fairly common in adults, but very rare in infants and children. Rotavirus This virus causes diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration in infants. It is extremely common but rarely serious. Fatalities are rare. Polio This virus causes muscle weakness and paralysis. It has been eradicated from the U.

Measles This virus causes fever and rash. It can damage internal organs but is rarely fatal. It is now fairly rare in the U. Mumps This virus causes fever and rash. Rubella This virus causes fever and rash. It is now extremely rare in the U. It can cause birth defects if a pregnant mom is exposed Chickenpox This virus causes fever and rash.

It is still very common, but fatalities are very rare. It is very mild in young children, however. It is fairly common, but virtually never fatal. It is extremely common and causes some fatalities in infants and elderly.

Meningococcal Disease This bacteria causes severe bloodstream infections and meningitis. Human Papillomavirus This virus causes genital warts and cervical cancer. It is extremely common and is passed through sexual contact. For the most up to date Immunization Schedule according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, click here. For a more detailed discussion on these vaccine-preventable diseases, see The Vaccine Book.

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dr Sears Vaccine Schedule

Sears, son of the well-known William and Martha Sears who authored several parenting books, wrote his own book about vaccines , which contains misleading and inaccurate information but has been embraced by groups that advocate against requiring vaccines for school attendance. Sears has also made a name for himself advocating alongside anti-vaccine organizations for looser vaccination requirement laws for public school. I will update this post if and when I receive one. Boonstra frequently answers common questions about vaccines at his PedsGeekMD blog. Sears must also enroll in a professionalism course within the next 60 days and complete the classroom portion within the subsequent six months. Sears himself is responsible for paying for all these educational courses. Regardless of which option he chooses, Sears is prohibited during his 3-year probation from supervising physician assistants and advanced practice nurses.


Pediatrician Bob Sears Punished For Questionable Vaccine Exemption



Vaccine-preventable Diseases


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