We live in yang, daytime culture, which values above all a clear sense of purpose, logical solutions, single-minded focus and clear-cut distinctions. With the ever-increasing light pollution, we have lost touch with the dark sky and the dark earth. Most of humanity still live under the cultural spell of monotheistic religions, which deny divinity to the feminine. Twenty-one Taras No wonder that the collective shadow is so palpable, the divisions and conflicts so stark, with the most primitive emotions brewing under the lid. The archetype of the dark goddess — the Black Madonna in her multi-hued robes see the Black Madonna of Einsideln below , her skin brown, black or reddish, the twenty-one aspects of Tara in the whole array of colours ranging from white to black — is waiting to bring awakening and liberation. The Dalai-lama assures that the Madonna, especially the Black one, is her avatar in the West.

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The Cult of the Black Virgin Review January 1, Kathy The author lets us know he is neither a theologian nor a historian right up front. Well, cool. And then he plunges in to a slightly inchoate mass of information. Did I wish for more, or other.. Beware of expectations. My expectations were doubtless unfair to the earnest author who has apparently set out to catalog all the Black Virgins in Europe and other places, in the notes in the back and to connect them to The old religions.

The Cathars. The Grail. At times I thought I was in one of those history channel specials, you know, the ones that always start with a teaser and end with a lot of oblique maybes? Have we Discovered The Secret!!!! At other times I was reminded of my first delirious plunges into Frazer and the Golden Bough I tried to read the complete Golden Bough, which is, let me tell you, multivolume and full of things I found fascinating in my youth, sorta like "in Sussex white stones are placed along the road at dawn on magic day, while over the hedges the maidens pick clover and put it in the willow branches.

Now, Rev Muckyday notes that over in Wessex the white stones are in fact geese and they fly in formation towards the south. Lists of gods and goddess, references to Holy Blood Holy Grail or whatever that book was called, the one Dan Brown stole from , references of course to Robert Graves and the White Goddess and an apparent work by Graves on the Black Goddess.

Where was the editor when this book was devised? Was there an editor? Was there an intent? Or is it simply, as it seems, a catalog and collection with some nice drifts into why the restoration of the feminine might be a good thing but the author knows that maybe in the matriarchal times women did bad stuff to guys, so we deserved the centuries of patriarchy, no wonder.

Begg began to record the places he had found, particularly in France, and published them in ; eleven years later, in , he published a revised and expanded edition. This should prove an invaluable source for anyone wishing to explore this phenomenon for themselves. One thing seems clear — the ideas associated with the Cult seems to have survived regardless, and continues to surprise and mystify.

Thus the legend tends to perpetuate a hidden female component of Christianity. One needs, therefore to be careful about how the hidden information alleged to be the truth is used by the reader.


Cult Of the Black Virgin

The Queen of Sheba? The author claims that she came from what is now South Yemen — immediately I found this very interesting as that is where I was born and in fact Aden is only about a days car travel away. The area is also where the Sabian Symbols Saebia are said to come from — I did not know that, so it was an area very much connected with astrology and perhaps even the first place. It has occurred to me a few times the similarities between Aden and Eden. Nonna also being Italian for granny? In general I have found the author to be very insightful in decoding language and understanding wordplay. No mortal has yet been able to lift the veil which covers me.


The Cult of the Black Virgin – Ean Begg



The Cult of the Black Virgin by Ean Begg



The Cult of the Black Virgin


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