Tools that integrate processing and acoustics in revolutionary ways to deliver prediction, control, monitoring and superior acoustical performance. The key to this power lies in industry leading digital processing. Integrated with the EAW Resolution 2. All this is contained in a compact rackmount electronics package suited to both installed and production sound.

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Use the original shipping carton and packing materials. If the shipping carton is damaged, contact EAW for a new carton at a nominal charge. EAW will not be responsible for damage caused by inadequate packing.

Page Introduction Acoustic Works. Page Ux Installation 4. The UX can be connected to an Ethernet network using hub, switch, router, or wireless connections. Always follow prudent audio system practices and procedures for powering on equipment by powering up all equipment in the direction of the signal flow order, meaning from the input to the output of the audio system.

The sample rate for the AES signal can be The sample-rate converter in the UX will convert the input sample rates to 48 kHz sample rate required for its internal processing. The first three number groups in the IP address must be the same for both the computer and the UX For example: N, with N being an integer from 1 to , unique to each device. Page Level 6. Page Prog 6. Page Operation - Loudspeaker Processor Mode I n t r o d u c t i o n In Loudspeaker Processor mode the user can select from a list of specific EAW loudspeaker models and arrays with factory-determined processor settings.

This processing is not user accessible or adjustable. Page Signal Routing System Processor mode with all input and output parameters fully user adjustable. When set for generic processing, the Input Channel processing can be adjusted using the UX front panel.

It cannot be adjusted from the UX front panel. Page Ch output Channels 1 To 8 Scroll through and select the Amp Gain for the amplifier connected to that output channel.

The range is from 10 dB to 50 dB in 1 dB increments. This value is used by the UX to determine the Output Channel gain and limiter threshold setting. See Sections 5. If enabled, scroll through and set the Listener Distance 1 m to m from the array to the closest part of the audience area covered by the portion of the array to which the pre-emphasis is applied. Page Eawpilot E x t r a C a p a b i l i t i e s While the UX interface window in EAWPilot software provides the same capabilities for controlling the UX as its front panel controls, it also provides additional capabilities not available using the front panel controls.

Page Maintenance And Service 1 0. In case of failure, refer all servicing to the factory. Page Troubleshooting Ensure the power cord is properly connected at both ends and that the ac mains is working. If outside these ranges, the UX may fail to operate or become damaged.


UXA/UX Series

Advanced capabilities and features set the UX apart from other processors in its class. This high end processor controls sound systems with a variety of output channels and also delivers optimized processing of specific EAW loudspeakers. Built-in System functions include EQ filter, delay, gain, crossovers, and polarity. However, these functions are implemented using custom-designed algorithms to optimize their usefulness when applied to loudspeakers. Also, to more accurately calculate signal delay distances, a temperature setting permits compensation for sound speed differences.

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EAW UX8800 Owner's Manual






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