See also: Category:Cthulhu Mythos games. In , Chaosium released their role-playing game Call of Cthulhu. It has now reached its 7th edition with a large amount of supplementary material also available, and has won several major gaming awards. In Chaosium published the co-operative adventure board game Arkham Horror , based on the same background, which has since been reissued by other publishers. In , Z-Man Games released an alternate version of the board game Pandemic.

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Shelves: non-fiction , lovecrafty , reference This is an excellent reference works and I appreciate the effort that it must have taken to collate all this information. The only thing I felt was missing is maps, would would be great to have. However if you are willing to its a great way of jumping around from subject to subject as the cross referencing is incredibly detailed.

This makes for a fascinating and unpredictable exploration of the mythos. However it is on the characters, places and material of the stories and not This is a hard book to read - yes it is exactly what it says it is - an encyclopaedia so as you can imagine its impossible to read from one cover to the other linearly, or at least incredibly difficult to do so. However it is on the characters, places and material of the stories and not the stories themselves.

So for example it will not tell you the events of a story just the events that surround the character - for example there are references to Dexter Ward but not what happened in the story. Another aspect which was touched on in the books introduction - there was a number of entries from the Call of Cthulhu role playing games as well as the stories- for some puritans this is sacrilege however for me i think all the material has equal rights to be present not only because of who composed and published this book but also because it is all further the collective universe something that Lovecraft himself I am sure would be eager to promote.

So really this is for the scholar and the fan alike but it really is a reference book, and yes there are omissions but they are such that from my perspective at least they actually encourage me to want to go out and read them and fill the gaps rather than criticise and complain about the lack of coverage. I give it this rating as a matter of principle rather than of judgement or evaluation.

It is my belief that you should not attept to quantify or qualify or in any other way explain any horror material, especially Lovecraftian. Please do not let this review affect your estimation of whether or not you should read the book. It can be a great quick reference for anyone reading such fiction or playing any of the various games inspired by it.

The author deserves a few extra points for basically recapping dozens of stories without actually spoiling any of them. I also like the fact that he acknowledges and immediately dismisses that This book is a not-too-exhaustive, but still more-extensive-than-I-needed guide to the names and places of H. I also like the fact that he acknowledges and immediately dismisses that paperback Necronomicon "translated" by some guy calling himself "Simon.


The Encyclopedia Cthulhiana: A Guide to Lovecraftian Horror



Encyclopedia Cthulhiana



The encyclopedia Cthulhiana


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