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Tale indicazione si esprime in termini di incertezza del risultato di misura. Ogni certificazione di misura deve attenersi a tale guida. Dispersione delle misure Ripetizione delle misurazioni 1. Secondo le raccomandazioni degli organismi internazionali competenti, le incertezze sono classificate nelle categorie A e B in base al metodo utilizzato per stimarle. Da cui: 4. La covarianza esprime il grado di dipendenza statistica tra le stime delle due grandezze.

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Gutaur МКТС ENV In addition to competency in the methodology relating to uncertainty in measurement, SINT Technology has extensive acquired in industrial measurements, including electrical and thermal power plant performance parameter measurements. Kontakt venligst Dansk Standard. In particular, in connection with measurement of plant gas fuel consumption in a full solar year, evaluation of uncertainty required for calculating and reporting carbon dioxide CO 2 emissions in accordance with the current standard governing greenhouse gas emissions.

It is not possible to buy in the shop — please contact us. There is a problem adding monitoring — please try again later There is a problem adding the subscription — please try again later. Please choose number of devices emv want to open the document on. The printed version is available at half price when you buy the electronic version. SINT Technology has acquired considerable experience in evaluating uncertainty of the fiscal metering systems of electric power plants at national level, both relating to fuel gas and steam for technological uses, and hot water for district heating combined-cycle cogeneration plants.

It was not possible to unsubscribe — please try again later or contact the Danish Standard Please make sure you are logged in. Scope This guide establishes general rules for evaluating and expressing uncertainty in measurement that are intended to be applicable to a broad spectrum of measurements. Guide the expression of uncertainty in measurement. Enter a valid message Message sent successfully Fill in all required fields Enter a valid email address.

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In every instance, the value of a measured parameter cannot be completely expressed unless the associated uncertainty is stated. Username or password invalid. Other relevant standards DS Do not show this again. Evaluation of the uncertainty of measurements In the practice of plant operation, as in performance of laboratory tests, determination of uncertainty in measurement plays a fundamental role.

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Norma UNI CEI ENV 13005: "Guida all'espressione dell'incertezza di misura"



La nuova Guida di riferimento per l’espressione dell’incertezza di misura



DS/ENV 13005



DIN V ENV 13005:1999-06


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