Army leaders called upon officers to develop needed creative approaches to dealing with this challenge. In response, U. Army Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon created the First Earth Battalion, that collected new technologies to support a conceptual prototype of the soldier of the future. Channon was inspired by the human potential and advanced human performance movements and drew many of his ideas from these fields and from the time he spent at Esalen Institute. Channon delivered his ideas through his illustrated field manual, Evolutionary Tactics, which was published by the Army in

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During this period the U. Army needed to drastically shift approaches and prepare to defeat a vastly larger Soviet force in Europe. Army leaders called upon officers to develop needed creative approaches to dealing with this challenge. In response, U. Army Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon created the First Earth Battalion, that collected new technologies to support a conceptual prototype of the soldier of the future.

Channon was inspired by the human potential and advanced human performance movements and drew many of his ideas from these fields and from the time he spent at Esalen Institute.

Many senior generals in the Army backed Channon because he was a bold example of what a young officer could do creatively.

The word spread and other elements within the Army became more boldly involved in testing ideas that were on the edge. Like any endeavor that involves studying new ideas, some of the ideas panned out and others did not. The larger story is that the U. Army is one of the most creative organizations in the world and that it must continue to be so in order to deal with the radically different missions it must prepare for. Few people understand that reality because of the rigid prototype the media has created around military culture.

What Is Evolutionary Tactics? Jim Channon delivered his ideas about the First Earth Battalion through his illustrated field manual, Evolutionary Tactics which offered a 21st Century vision of the soldier of the future. Evolutionary Tactics was published by the Army in The manual was modeled after the popular Whole Earth Catalog with illustrations of advanced human performance skills. It is credited with kick-starting a very creative surge of activity in the U.

Army commanders adopted the elements that served them. There was no one cookie-cutter solution. Since that time, tens of thousands of copies have been downloaded from the Internet by fans across the globe. The archetype used in the manual is the warrior monk … who is invincible in war but very persuasive in peace. We see this model in action in the middle east today. The movie evolved from a book of the same title written by British satirical writer Jon Ronson.

The title of the book and film is based on an experimental lab that once existed at Fort Bragg, NC where the military reportedly attempted to kill goats simply by staring at them. The highly anticipated film is due out in December The First Earth Battalion is known in the film as The New Earth Army a name Jim offered the producers who wanted the creative liberty of making comedy without any direct association with the actual Battalion scenarios.

Though they both claim to be based on a true story, author Jon Ronson and screenwriter Peter Straughan took wide artistic license blurring the lines between fact and fiction in order to create a somewhat dark Hollywood comedy. He served in the U S Army as an infantry officer and creative spark-plug from to and was in Vietnam twice and During his time in Vietnam, he lost just one infantry soldier and never killed an innocent civilian.

He was known for his ability to imagine and illustrate the future battlefield and its advanced applications. Returning home from Vietnam, his goal was to find non-lethal and peaceful solutions to potentially change the shape of war as we know it and save lives in the process.

His work in the military was highly respected as he was asked to present to large high ranking conferences with his most creative talents and launched a simulation and games program that is now funded at 50 million dollars a year.

Ronson speculated that the sound healing therapies detailed in Evolutionary Tactics evolved into torture techniques in Abu Graib or Guantanamo. This is total speculation since sounds have been used since the beginning of armed struggle to influence moral or frighten the enemy.

The Earth Battalion has acted like a think-tank collecting and reviewing advanced human performance skills from all disciplines and it still does. It was never secret although some of the spin-off ideas may have became secret once tested such as remote viewing. The think-tank is still active and provides advanced human performance solutions for soldiers planet-wide. Paranormal sensibilities possessed by soldiers can increase survival rates on the modern and very complex battlefield.

The goal is to create more situationally-aware combatants with a more advanced understanding of threats, allowing for peaceful incursions into dangerous areas and sparing the lives of civilians.

Optimal Futurist Most futurists today tend to be people who communicate about what might happen in the next few years. Visionaries tend to cast images about possibilities that seem far ranging. What he does is interview leaders and scan the planet for things that are working now. Then he upgrades their potential and bundles them into socially attractive settings. So, then they become strategies that are describable and organized graphically so people may actually get at the business of creating and even constructing them.

Walt Disney created the word imagineer to make the connection between visionaries and engineers. To some extent his graphics talents allow him to illustrate things that can be constructed because they are drawn in 3D. He uses a personally created advanced visual language to get this done. His real gift is that he has scanned the social architecture of the earth and has created bundled solutions for many parts of the coming world.

His focus is on qualities of life assembled in beautiful settings. He has interviewed over leaders on their ideas of a future with a higher purpose. They are ideas projected years out. We believe he may be more fluent in long range futures than anyone alive at the moment. He has an extra-ordinary set of skills. Where Are Members Today? Not surprisingly many original members remain actively involved in planetary affairs.

Jim Channon lives in Hawaii on an eco-homestead and has pioneered a wide range of evolutionary ideas for living. Jim is still actively engaged in envisioning the global militaries of the world coming together as a New Earth Army to deal with environmental and social problems of the future. He calls this endeavor Operation Noble Steward and has written about on his website and discussed it in his many You Tube videos. John Alexander, the father of non-lethal weapons has just completed a major analysis of Africa and has written two books on the future of warfare.

His character in the film is played more or less by the George Clooney role although there are few direct correspondences since the comedy writer needed all the creative license he could get. Major General Bert Stubblebine is developing a sustainable community in Panama and raising global awareness about questionable medical practices created by large pharmaceutical companies involved in Codex.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead. Psychic spies? In , our own Sharon Weinberger interviewed Col. Alexander in some depth on the military use of witches. Danger Room also noted Col. Drug experimentation?

Troops were doused with everything from concentrated cannabis oil to LSD — at times, without their knowledge. Hippie Army? Jim Channon dove deep into the New Age movement, and came back to the military with a most alternative view of warfare — one in which troops would carry flowers and symbolic animals into battle. In the movie, Channon is played by Jeff Bridges. Much of the artwork from the New Earth manual is lifted straight from the Channon original. Channon has been taking advantage of the publicity for his cause; this week he has a column in the Guardian newspaper, suggesting among other things that armies should be used for reforestation and navies to control over-fishing.

Sound weapons? Unpleasant sounds and repetitive music — including the Barney theme — have been used as real-life psychological warfare and interrogation techniques. Some of the bands involved have been less than happy about it.

Repetitive music takes a long time to be effective, but loud, discordant noise is becoming more common as a method of dispersing crowds. The most outrageous claims in the movie and book is that military psychics could kill goats by looking at them.

Look at time lapse photography of clouds and cloud-busting becomes less impressive. Psychics are notoriously prone to believing in their own powers and are often convinced that experiments have proven their abilities when the results have been equivocal.

In the Guardian, Dr. Phillip Sponenberg suggests that mytonic or fainting goats plus little self-deception may be behind the supposed success of the goat-staring experiment.

If your opponent believes that you can kill them with a look, then they are already half-way to being defeated. And many martial arts masters know that by overawing their students with displays that might be described as trickery, they can convince them of the value of their discipline.

So it might be best not to take everything quite at face value, as Jon Ronson does in the book and Ewan Mcgregor does in the movie. Or maybe they really can kill goats with a look. See video link above.



Kazralkree The financial costs were very small compared to the return of efforts provided from the vast volunteer network that addressed a myriad of tasks because they found it interesting. While the answers to these questions remain obscured, there is some literature, mostly anecdotal, that supports the notion that remote influence is a distinct possibility. Meditation has been shown to reduce evolutionqry not only in the individual but also throughout society. The larger story is that the U. However impractical in evoluyionary the notion was, it did cause readers to think about the implications of nuclear strikes in a new and more personal light.


First Earth Battalion Manual

Proposals must provide a clear justification and military relevance for the choice of therapies selected for study. My work shifted to corporations: Many of these men went on to train others in these inner arts, while others were recruited by Delta Force channo other special units in the Service. The United States signed a United Nations-sponsored chemical weapons ban in that outlawed incapacitating agents. As with other meetings, these sessions tended to run through meals and late into the evening.





Evolutionary Tactics of First Earth Battalion


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