For a detailed course description, content and availability, please visit training. While sometimes the collections just marks the move from one EWM release to the other, on other occasions with a new collection a course has quite extensive changes. It is not always necessary to have a course in the collection for the EWM release you will work in. A new course collection does not necessarily mean that all new features of the EWM release are in the courses. Which collection is available in your country, might also depend on the available translation of the course.

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However, possible processing types and partners are asigned to the action definition Action determination Checks whether conditions for scheduling the action have occured using the available attributes of the application document and the assigned business objects Action merging Merges new actions with any action in the action list or worklist that have not yet been executed Action list lists actions that have been scheduled Worklist contains actions that can be scheduled manually Procesing type Executes a particular action eg.

Jetzt mitmachen! Create an action profile Define actions under the action profile, eg. Process of determining a storage concept for a product by setting the storage parameters that control the putaway of the product.

Periodic physical inventory procedure prohibit stock movements during this time also additional to continous inventory, but no stock movements occured for some bins Continuous physical inventory procedure Ad.

No a real physical inventory procedure Cycle counting Only a small subset is counted e. A every 3 months, B every 6 months, C annualy Cycle counting indicator maintained in product master EWM Is there a need to block bins for physical inventory with mobile devices? No Which two physical inventory possibilities exist? Storage bin specific physical inventory product specific physical inventory What are the four basic methods of replenishment?

Planned replenishment triggered if less than minimum Q started online or in batch mode round down to multiple of minimum replen. Possibility to create a two-step stock transfer where the stock is posted with the GI posting into transit stock and from transit stock into the new storage location EWM What is a stock transfer?

Physical movement between or within a warehouse. EWM Change in quant characteristics primarily e. Sorting of tasks with up to 15 sort fields Apply filters e. EWM Which storage control is determined first? Process oriented storage control.


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EWM110 SAP Basic Customizing in SAP EWM





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