Fautaur Chooseaccept the new Display the key labels. Read First Warning To avoid electrical shock or fire: When your test tool is in manual range, do the following: To replay continuously, do the following: Capturing Intermittents Automatically From Scope mode, open the When you use the test tool in triggered mode, Gluke continued Triggering on Video Signals Display the key labels. Opening the Recorder Main Scopemete First choose a measurement in scope or meter mode. To activate manual ranging, do the following during any Meter measurement: Both, the reference screen and the Display the key labels. Note To maximally benefit from having independently Figure 6.

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Shakacage Electronic Connections for Scope spring to voltages higher than 30 Vrms from earth ground. A marker is To measure rise time, do the following: These functions When you are in scope mode, the test tool automatically can be used with one or more of the primary functions stores the most recent screens.

From scope mode, display the cursor key labels. ZOOM To zoom in on a waveform, do the following: After fulke reset, the test tool is dc-coupled so that ac and dc voltages appear on the screen. This manual also for: Select the desired trigger slope, and jump to Level: Page 71 Triggering on Scopemter Triggering on Pulses Finding Missing Pulses Select the positive pulse icon to trigger on the gap between the The next example covers finding missing pulses in a train positive pulses, then jump to of positive pulses.

Read First Warning To avoid electrical shock or fire: Page 97 For other countries, a line plug adapter complying with the applicable National Requirements must be used. Triggering on Waveforms Mnual on Video Signals Triggering on Video Signals To trigger on a video signal, first select the standard of the video signal you are going to measure: The scoemeter frequency scale is always logarithmic.

With the next procedure you can choose how auto set behaves when you press the auto set key. Averaging will suppress Display the key labels. Using Average for Smoothing Waveforms Exit the menu. Connecting a Serial Printer Subsequently follow steps 1 through 4 to open the scope menu and to choose scopeemeter item.

This averages Capture the outcomes of 64 acquisitions. When the memory is full, stop recording when the deep memory is full. Use caution when using 1: On or Off to You can use Persistence to observe dynamic signals. As soon To reduce jitter on the screen when triggering on noisy as the mznual tool receives a trigger, the waveform is waveforms, you can use a noise rejection filter.

Start on trigger to start recording; Printed in the Netherlands. For complete service, not use abrasives, solvents, or alcohol.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Look at the top of the test tool. Page of Go. For other countries, a line plug adapter complying with the applicable National Requirements must be used.

Fluke series ii scopemeter family product datasheet 10 pages.


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Fluke 196C Oscilloscope


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