Akinohn The pixel pitch is 0. The test tool operates with the battery pack, but not with the power adapter only, and the battery pack is not charged by the test tool: Using ill is select test tool line number: If the output voltage increases, the current level at which V is switched off will become lower, dluke less energy is transferred to the secondary winding. Verify that the voltage changes if the contrast is changed. The test tool shows Contrast CL The test tool is operative now. The power adapter voltage is applied to R Particular functions are wrong: The Charger circuit charges the batteries.

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Volkis So 1 pixel corresponds to 0. Open the test tool see Section 6. The trigger circuit provides three output signals: Check if the line is shorted to ground. The technical specifications and operating methods included in this manual are subject. Probe dc calibration, can only be done if probe Then pull out the other end pull at points B. Attach the shielding cover item 8. The voltage at N The length of the burst and the pulses depends on the selected baud rate.

The following tests are described for Channel A. Floating Voltage from any terminal to ground. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. This prevents saturation and distortion in the HF transformer. If not present on both pin 3 and pin 5 continue, else go to step c. Adjust the trigger delay time to 8.

Reattach the backlight cables. If wrong, check if the line is shorted to ground. For voltage measurements with If none of the voltages is correct, then the fly back converter does not run correctly, continue at step 2. Problems with factory setup fixed Flkue. MS near to the LCD and keypad foil connectors. The display shows the test pattern at default contrast. Set up a giveaway. By changing the current level at the RSET input, the N can be adjusted fulke video signals with line scan frequencies from The samples are directly available on the sample and memory output.

If during normal operation the display cannot be made dark or light enough, or if the display after a test tool reset is too light or too dark, you can do this calibration.

Remove all test leads from the test tool inputs. The warming-up period is counted down from Press F2 to select the first calibration step in Table Remove the display assembly item 6. TOP Related Posts.



JoJogore Check also Ml and Ml for the same voltage. The Fly Back Converter is off. These units can be used for the Fluke C and C only. This IC takes care of a correct power state of D Verify that the backlight wires are d to minimize interference voltages. Select the Ohms or Volts function. Another internal current source supplies a current to R Observe the Input B reading and check to see if it is within the range shown under the appropriate column of table Gently remove the black or transparent protective cover; Step 2: By flike the pulses in low pass filters RCsoftware controlled DC voltages are generated.


Tygolkree Adjust the A output voltage until the displayed trace has the trigger amplitude indicated under the last column of Table Remove the two screws item 14 that secure the Main PCA unit to the top case. Observe the main reading and check to see if it is within 0. Use the following procedure to replace the strap, or to change the strap position. Pull sideward d the front edge of the tilt stand until the hinge releases. It provides a quick way to get familiar with the test tool basic build-up.

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