Preamble Lingshaw means Soul Mountain. Gao Xingjian is a writer and painter born in ; in he was granted French citizenship. I read also that his present book "is a literary response to the devastation of the self". Gao affirmed that:"the artist can express himself

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The elusive Lingshan Soul Mountain becomes the object of his quest. A novel of immense wisdom and profound beauty. In Chinese playwright, critic, fiction writer, and painter Gao Xingjian pronounced gow shing-jen was diagnosed with lung cancer and faced imminent death.

But six weeks later, a second examination revealed there was no cancer -- he had won "a reprieve from death" and had been thrown back into the world of the living. Faced with a repressive cultural environment and the threat of a spell in a prison farm, Gao fled Beijing. He traveled to the remote mountains and ancient forests of Sichuan in southwest China and from there back to the east coast, a journey of fifteen thousand kilometers over a period of five months.

The results of this epic voyage of discovery is Soul Mountain. A bold, lyrical, prodigious novel, Soul Mountain probes the human soul with an uncommon directness and candor. Fleeing the social conformity required by the Communist government, he wanders deep into the regions of the Qiang, Miago, and Yi peoples located on the fringes of Han Chinese civilization and discovers a plethora of different traditions, history, legends, folk songs, and landscapes.

Slowly, with the help of memory, imagination, and sensory experience, he reconstructs his personal past. He laments the impact of the Cultural Revolution on the ecology -- both human and physical -- of China. Storytelling saves the narrator from a deep loneliness that is part of the human condition.

His search for meaning -- in life, in the journey -- turns up the possibility that there may be no meaning. The elusive Lingshan "Soul Mountain" , which becomes the object of his quest, never yields up its secrets, but the journey is a rich, strange, provocative, and rewarding one.

Soul Mountain is a novel of immense wisdom and profound beauty. Chapter One The old bus is a city reject. After shaking in it for twelve hours on the potholed highway since early morning, you arrive in this mountain county town in the South. In the bus station, which is littered with ice-block wrappers and sugar cane scraps, you stand with your backpack and a bag and look around for a while.

People are getting off the bus or walking past, men humping sacks and women carrying babies. A crowd of youths, unhampered by sacks or baskets, have their hands free. They take sunflower seeds out of their pockets, toss them one at a time into their mouths and spit out the shells. With a loud crack the kernels are expertly eaten. To be leisurely and carefree is endemic to the place. The earliest to leave the place travelled by river in black canopy boats and overland in hired carts, or by foot if Please be aware that this discussion guide may contain spoilers!

Introduction A man is diagnosed with lung cancer -- precisely the same cancer that had proved deadly to his father not long before -- and then is surprised to discover in a follow-up visit to the doctor that he is in fact perfectly healthy. It is from this peculiar and clear-eyed position that a journey begins through the remote mountains of China. The narrator explores rural villages and reflects on the influence that the Cultural Revolution has had


Gao Xingjian

Plot[ edit ] The first of the two characters to be introduced is "You". He is described as a local tourist — "not that sort of tourist" but a backpacking one "wearing strong sensible sports shoes and a backpack with shoulder straps". Autobiographical influences[ edit ] In the early s, Gao Xingjian faced a great deal of criticism in the wake of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. It was during this time, in , that the author was diagnosed with lung cancer during a regular health screening. At this time Xingjian heard rumors of plans to have him sent to the hellish prison farms of Qinghai province, and thus quickly made the decision to flee Beijing.


Soul Mountain


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