Start your review of The Viscount in Her Bedroom Willow Pond, 3 Write a review Shelves: h-sweetheart , hx-rom , just-sex-so-buzz-off , sec-romance , part-of-series-sequel , hero-only-lover , hero-caring-protective , 3-plus-stars , angst-some , blindness A blind H and a downwardly mobile ladys companion. What would one expect? Lots of angst provided by a tortured, railing H and a pious but gritty must-help-and-heal h? But the h is as described. The H was a sociable easygoing charmer and manages to remain easygoing if not understandably as sociable after being blinded. I could relate to that.

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With no hope of securing a proper marriage, the vivacious young miss accepts a position as a companion to an elderly viscountess. But a tragic accident forced him into seclusion, away from prying eyes and questions. Louisa never desired a man the way she burns for Simon. And now her chance at happiness may rest in her ability to convince the stubborn viscount that her passion is real With sensitivity and compassion, Callen crafts a beautiful story with memorable characters.

Simon was blinded when he was thrown from his horse six months before. Even Mr. Her thoughts were scattered and restless, and after midnight, she finally donned a dressing gown. She would go down to the kitchen for some warm milk. She held a candle before her as she walked, and the manor stretched away into dark shadows like a cave. She could hear the faint creaks of an old house settling, and she was comforted by the sounds.

She entered the dining room, meaning to pass through on her way to the kitchen. Before she was even halfway down the table, the kitchen door ahead of her opened.

She gave a start and froze, but in the gloom, the candlelight reflected off the blond hair of Lord Wade. He was alone. To her surprise he moved confidently, straight toward the table. She was about to call out a warning, but he turned before his cane even hit the end chair, and came around the table. And she was stunned at how easily he moved about alone. She held her breath as he passed, then grimaced when he paused.

Letting her breath out, she softly answered, "Yes, my lord? He frowned. We seem to keep running into each other in the night. Were you following me? It is obvious you want no one to know. He cocked an eyebrow. You care very much what people think about you. She watched in surprise and curiosity.

When he neared the heat of her candle, she almost called out a warning. But he leaned toward it and blew out the flame. Because she was so startled, a small gasp escaped her. Her eyes, unaccustomed to the dark, could not see him.

In the tense silence, she remained still, knowing he was before her—or was he? When he spoke, he was behind her, and she jumped. It was her turn to feel his breath, and it bathed her neck with a heat so very foreign. But it was strangely thrilling to be sharing the darkness with Lord Wade. This time he was on her right side, a solid presence. This is what I live with every day. They want to share your feelings. Though she wore but a nightdress and dressing gown, her skin buzzed with awareness, and surely the folds of the gown seemed to move, as if something brushed against it near her feet.

She licked her lips. We had only conversed a few times. She kept expecting him to touch her; she admitted to herself that she wanted him to. The expectation was maddening, confusing. He made a sound she could not place. A shadow man. She closed her eyes to be one with him in the darkness again.

He thought he could hear her heart pounding; he could definitely hear the sound of her breath, moving rapidly in and out of her lungs. He imagined her breasts rising and falling with it. If he could see, he might be able to tell if her nipples were erect, if her lips were parted. Or was she? Was he misunderstanding this whole confrontation? He knew he should be angry with her, with her assumptions that she understood him.

Instead he was powerfully aroused. Did she not feel the same? It was agonizing not to be able to tell, not to read her expressions. He told himself she was not new to this flirtation. He could kiss her, and he would not be the first. Not with this woman who so bravely stood alone in the night with him. Why did she allow this to happen? What did she hope to gain with a blind man? But he played along with it, knowing it was dangerous, but just not to which one of them.

For just a moment, he imagined he could feel the softness of it, covered so temptingly, so barely, in the silk of her nightclothes. No plain cotton for Louisa Shelby. Then she backed up so suddenly that he could hear her hit the wall. Hand it to me. There was no fumbling on her part.

The moonlight really must be helping her. Once again they were on unequal ground. When he brought the candle back out to her, she took it from him, said good-night, and hurried away.

He was left alone with his frustration.


The Viscount in Her Bedroom

Visar The Epilogue was sweet. She gave a start and froze, but in the gloom, the candlelight reflected off the blond hair of Lord Wade. She licked her lips. Gayle resides in central New York with her husband. Moving forward hesitantly I did come to enjoy the story. With no hope of securing a proper marriage, the vivacious young miss accepts a position as a companion to an elderly viscountess. I love stories where love finds you.




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