Shaktitaur You can think of them as determining in what mode the program will operate. Curve Editing—Depth Correction, Depth Matching, Despiking, Patching All input data curves have been properly depth corrected and matched with each other and manuak been edited to repair spurious effects such as data maanual or gaps. Assume a model which, among other formation components, includes the clays illite, kaolinite, and chlorite. Whenever you do apply a constraint, document it. Parameter Calculator Use the Parameter Calculator!

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Assume, also, that at some depth of interest the density log read 2. You can use that fact to help establish good, stable models. Salinity corrections are part of the final solution. The Parameter Calculator should be used to determine the different fluid parameters. Crossplot porosity for 2. Step 8 Set Parameter Values Parameters come in four types: The ELANPlus program will warn you that the tools are inconsistent in this case egoframe showing a reconstructed conductivity that does not match the measured conductivity.

It is often possible to provide usable default values for? Fluids are a little more complex. You should not place too much emphasis on a small number of core results. Rocks do not have default parameter values other than Absent. Uranium, though, is a very mobile, water-soluble trace element whose presence cannot be predicted.

If you examine Equation 54it appears that for the same porosity, adding clay to the system can only increase the conductivity. Be especially cautious about core results. Because geofeame determine the environment in which the ELANPlus problem is set, program control parameters usually are global. Hence, their response equations contain terms for only the components that exist in the X zone.

The job was run without zoning. What should I do now? How do I import a Kingdom polygon to use in Insight? The program solves for the volume of wet clay dry clay plus its water. How to display data from two or more horizons simultaneously How to display data from two or more horizons simultaneously How to display data from two or more horizons simultaneously How do I extract the number of events between 2 time horizons?

The Index button is not connected at this time. For example, if a model includes undisturbed-zone oil UOILit must also contain? The formation crossplotted in Figure 9 contained vugular porosity. Assume that a formation consists of only calcite and water and that a density log was recorded through the formation. Finally, some special response parameters can also be bound to curves. At every depth level if any response equation in the geframe is nonlinear.

Summation of Volumes The sum of all formation components must equal 1. PHIT is also a required input to the Sonic Clay Volume predefined constraint, which is designed to assist interpretation in radioactive dolomites.

To do that, assume a ratio of quartz to quartzplus-orthoclase; call it K. The mdw has a default value of 1.

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Golmaran Schlumberger suggests that you use the default values to start and modify them only as conditions warrant. Therefore, the terms volumes and formation components, or just components, are often used interchangeably. Constraints are the limits that the volumetric results must obey. The formation components describe the minerals, rocks, and? The Index button is not connected at this time.





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