Call Waiting tone stutter tone audible when line is in use. Grandstream Networks, Inc. Th LED will flash indicating the incoming call. Press the button to pick up the call.

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Built on innovative technology, Grandstream IP Phone features market leading superb sound quality and rich functionalities at mass-affordable price. Here is the display when all segments illuminate: The LCD is equipped with a backlight. When the phone is configured properly and in the normal idle state, the backlight is off. User can switch the dialing account before dialing any digits by pressing the same LINE button one or more times.

Enter the phone numbers and press the SEND key. When any one of the 7 functions keys are associated with a call, they function as LINE keys; Following table shows the call features of GXP series phone.

When the phone goes off- hook or a call comes in, the phone automatically exits the MENU state and prepares for the call. It also exits the MENU state if left idle for 20 seconds. After a correct password is entered in the login screen, the embedded Web server inside the GXP will respond with the Configuration page which is explained in details below.

It is based on STUN protocol. Their configurations are identical. The following is a screen shot of SIP Account 1 settings. If the configured voice frames per TX exceeds the maximum allowed value, the GXP will use and save the maximum allowed value for the corresponding first vocoder choice. The maximum value for PCM is 10 x10ms frames; for G, it is 20 x10ms frames; If selected and it is non-zero or not blank, the GXP will attempt to retrieve new configuration file or new code image from the specified TFTP server at boot time.

It will make up to 3 attempts before timeout and then it will start the boot process using the existing code image in the Flash memory. Page 35 Default is No. Page 36 STUN server. Keison Products www. For more information regarding configuration file format, please refer to the related Grandstream documentation.


Grandstream Networks GXP – 2000 User Manual

Page 3 5 Configuration Guide This document is subject to changes without notice. There are two wall mount holes on the bottom of the GXP main body: Wall Mount hole Bottom Wall Mount hole User can simply place the device against the wall with two holes placed to the fixed hanger position on the wall. Page 7: Gxp Extension Board After wall mounting the main body of GXP, user will need to pull out the tab extension downward from handset cradle on the top of the handset rest, and rotate the tab and plug it into the slot with the extension up for handset holding. Page 8 The GXP will boot up first, and all LED indicators on GXP will be solid on for a while; the status light at the top right corner of the extension board will blink in red; and then all of the LED indicators on the extension board will flash three times; and then the status light at the top right corner of the extension board will turn to solid green. Caution: Changes or modifications to this product not expressly approved by Grandstream, or operation of this product in any way other than as detailed by this User Manual, could void your manufacturer warranty. Page 10 Information in this document is subject to change without notice.


Grandstream Networks GXP-2000 User Manual

The GXP has a call log with only last 20 records stored and will be reset once the phone reboots. Just off hook and press the left and right arrow key you should see that. There is no intuitive dialing yet but we hope to implement address book function in the new firmware release. The injector voltage must above 48VDC. When you use PoE power you must take away 5V power adaptor.

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