An ex-computer programmer, Braden presents himself as a scientist and modern-day prophet at the cutting edge of research into our collective destiny and the science of prayer. Here is a review from a lecture promoting his latest book, The God Code. So it was with absolute delight that I went to hear him speak… and ended up almost walking out. This was the biggest load of pseudoscience I have heard for a long time, and it was delivered in a thoroughly patronizing manner his target audience when preparing this material can only be imbecilic. I cannot understand this because none of this comes through in his previous work — although I have never heard him lecture before, I have read his previous books, some of which were fantastic and are recommended on this site. I have also listened to one radio interview, which was great.

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Books like this give Christians a bad name. On page 16, he says "Pioneer 10 [the satellite] was almost 11 light years away, so it took 11 hours to send the signal and another 11 for it to be returned," which is obviously ludicrous to anyone who knows what a light year is.

Oct 03, Xabier Cid rated it did not like it This book is completely erroneous, in the best scenario. Probably, is just a big lie. The common believe is science "Population statistics from the are believed to be the most accurate in history, indicating that we share our world with approximately 6. Of that number, nearly 95 percent, or 5. These This book is completely erroneous, in the best scenario. These and similar statistics suggest that the question of our day may be less about whether or not we believe that God exists, and more about precisely what such a presence means in our lives" p.

This is the starting point of the book: we already know that God exists, and we are trying to demonstrate how It exists, not whether It exists or not. The comment about the exact number of people around the world will be treated on the point number Through this widely accepted definition There are no coincidences, but a deep and hidden explanation "How could the members of the Nicean Council have known that the book they would produce would eventually become the basis for one of the great religions of the world [ Well, they actually do.

But the point is what Braden tries to insinuate with his comment. That old members of the Nicea Council had the power to forecast the future? It seems so. And when there is a simple explanation The relation between the Arabic and the Hebrew alphabets is clear, simple, and historically proved. There is something hidden, something that we have not seen yet, even if it always was there. There is something hidden The conspiracy for banning some of the old Bible books was intended p.

The purpose is blurring the borders of knowledge and transform the world in a mysterious space where everything is possible. This is the case of quoting the Russian archaeologist A. Quotation is not needed "s science confirms the ancient models, revealing that the alchemical elements of Fire, Air and Water actually represent three of the most abundant elements of our bodies: hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen, respectively" p.

Through pages this derivation is developed without any quotation nor references. The first of these pairs air-nitrogen is demonstrated with this sentence: "is it possible that [the ancient alchemist:] were saying to us, in the language of their day, that nitrogen was the substance they were referencing? For the purpose of this discussion, we will assume this is the case" p. This assumption is the basis of the rest of the book, with any further proof or reference.

We are not paying attention now to the very peculiar way to notate the pronounce. But quotation is needed for referencing unrelated things. Undoubtedly for whom? Apparently for the prestigious historian of religions Karen Armstrong, quoted in the next sentence of this paragraph.

Who cares? The names of Carl Sagan p. Maths are presented to support us Yes, this is true. There is the same probability for four Hebraic letters will be chosen for forming a word. The equivalence element-number is based on the atomic mass, for he considers it "of the 17 characteristics that define [the elements:] only one matches precisely with the hidden number values of the Hebrew language" p.

There are no more reasons for taking into account the atomic mass apart precisely that this is the only what matches. But even this is not true: the atomic mass for hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon are 1. This should be enough to dismount the main purpose for the book.

More scientific tenets: if a correlation is right, there is a Big cause behind. Following a study stating that patients who were prayed for did better in heart diseases p. What it matters, if the rest of the series is right, and most importantly, if we want to convey that the Bible is truth?


The God Code – Message Encoded as the DNA of Life



The God Code: The Secret of Our Past, the Promise of Our Future


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