This professional monitor has a range of unique features which make it robust and reliable, including dust-resistance and a protective glass front to protect the LCD screen. Key Features IP30 rated for excellent dust protection. Conventional monitors will switch off after failure of one CCFL. If a second CCFL fails, a warning report will be sent. This is the common broadcast format and Full HD replicates this exactly.

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Advertisement - Article continues below Design wise the screen is actually rather clever. In a rather excellent touch, should the glass panel be scratched or otherwise damaged, it can actually be removed and replaced without even having to take the rest of the screen off the wall. This sort of tough design makes the L52H1 unusually flexible, enabling it to be positioned, at eye level if you wish, in lobbies, retail environments, bars, concourses, receptions, offices - pretty much anywhere, really, since it should be able to survive almost anything a passing punter could throw at it.

Within reason, that is. Not having to build the L52H1 into any sort of protective case arguably also helps consumers or business partners connect more directly with the content that the screen is showing. Advertisement Advertisement - Article continues below Advertisement - Article continues below The screen can additionally be used in portrait or landscape mode too or even angled ; fits flush to the wall if you want thanks an innovative heat sink design that removes the need for ventilation holes; and very handily features a Backlight Control System.

This means the screen can continue working even after one - or even more - of its cold cathode fluorescent lamps fail. Plus it can be bought with an array of accessory boards, including a digital signage board for displaying images and video clips that also lets you download content via an IP connection and control the screen via a web browser.

For a full list of the board options, check out the specifications section at the end of this review. In This Article.


Sony GXD-L52H1 - 52" LCD flat panel display Series Specs



Sony GXD-L52H1 review: Professional display


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