Aragar And Abby — How I could feel for her! It was very clear that something hinky was going on with him, but I still found his descent into Big Badness very rapid. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. The reader knows that something is driving Mike to make sure water secret is kept.

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Apr 13, Jeannie Zelos rated it really liked it Heartstrings Sara Walter Ellwood I received this from the publishers in return for an honest review. Well, this book looks a kind of sweet cowboy romance I thought, and sometimes thats what we need, something gentle and non taxing to read.

Was I in for a shock, started as a Heartstrings Sara Walter Ellwood I received this from the publishers in return for an honest review. Was I in for a shock, started as a conventional lost love type romance, but quickly diverged into the unusual with twists and turns, and I soon realised that this book is so much more!

There is the happy ever after — but it comes at a price for many of those involved and includes a journey of so many secrets and deception spanning many many years. The characters learn things about themselves and each other that were sometimes unthinkable. The betrayals were shocking and very unforeseen by me anyway — and as for the ending, that came up very unexpectedly, never saw it like that! Its I guess a typical small town where everyone knows everyone else from long long ago and histories are never forgotten and poor Abby still carries discrimination form some of the older families because of her parentage.

We see how that shapes some of her decision — the same with Seth, and to compound it their fears are played on by people they trusted.

I really felt for the children they were and was so happy that things finally worked out for them though the others innocently involved must have been heartbroken.



What the hell was he doing here? With a sigh, he opened the door, and all eyes turned in his direction as he got out. Why did coming back here seem so important now, after being away for fourteen years? The answers to those questions had plagued him the entire drive to his hometown of McAllister in the Texas Panhandle. He shrugged into his jacket.



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