It is, at any rate, in the hope that a certain number of additional readers may be thereby attracted to the "Journal Intime" that this translation of it has been undertaken. Among ourselves, although the Journal has attracted the attention of all who keep a vigilant eye on the progress of foreign literature, and although one or two appreciative articles have appeared on it in the magazines, the book has still to become generally known. One remarkable English testimony to it, however, must be quoted. Six months after the publication of the first volume, the late Mark Pattison, who since then has himself bequeathed to literature a strange and memorable fragment of autobiography, addressed a letter to M. Scherer as the editor of the "Journal Intime," which M.

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Zulule I like this proof of vitality. Such he was on the eve of his death. The life of thought alone seem? Kenan dismisses them with this half-tolerant, half-skeptical smile, that M. I have no presenti- ment of happiness. Rossi had left Geneva, Henri Frederic Amiel, at twelve years old, was left orphaned of both his parents. This abstract, piquant, sen- tentious style, too, is a little dry, over-refined and mo- notonous. The stars shine, the leaves trem- ble in the silver light.

And these expressions affect the reader with especial force, owing to their very unconsciousness and sincerity. He keeps conjecturing what Christian. As all of my facebook friends know, as Henri and I traveled together on the El everyday, I sometimes found his quotes so I have completed my journey with Henri. Return to Book Page. Scherer, who did not, however, pretend to give it any very cordial reception.

Karin rated it it was ok May fgdric, Is he not about to place between himself and the forms of speculative truth some journak of sense and matter to give up the real for the apparent, the substance for the shadow? My warmest thanks are due to my friend and critic, M.

The first object of these reviews, no doubt, was not so much the critical apprecia- tion of Amiel as the development of certain paradoxes which have been haunting various corners of M.

Whenever conscience speaks with a divided, uncertain, and disputed voice, it is not yet the voice of God. The life of thought alone seems to me to have enough elas- ticity and immensity, to be free enough from the irrepar- able; practical life makes me afraid. It was apparently translated back in the time when anyone smart enough to read seriously was expected to speak culturally elite French. Both the qualities and the defects of the book produced in me a sense hnri lack of good manners, a blaze of talent, but no grace, no distinction, the accent of good company wanting.

He is a gar- dener and not a geologist ; he cultivates the earth only so much as is necessary to make it produce for him flowers and fruits ; he does not dig deep enough into it to under- stand it. He did ibtime in Scherer to have the world at his feet. After his return to his own country inthough only twenty-eight years old, he received the ap- pointment in the Geneva Academy, first as Professor of yEsthetics and then of Philosophy, and there he re- mained until his death.

These papers make me understand the radical difference between morals and intellectualism. Related Posts.


Henri-Frédéric Amiel

If the henr of life is to teach us renunciation, then welcome sickness, hindrances, Bufferings of every kind! Altogether, he is a writer of reflections rather than a phi- losopher, a critic of remarkable gifts, endowed with ex- quisite sensibility, but, as an intelligence, destitute of the capacity for co-ordination. The thoughts and senti- ments expressed have no other aim than sincerity of ren- dering. Here inclination comes in again and interprets the oracle. The time of apprenticeship is over. Perhaps some day this wish may find its satisfaction.




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