Support and Maintenance What our clients have to say Infoware Studios helped us select and implement Jira which has become central to our development teams. Jira has allowed us to plan better, allocate work and keep work visible. This has given us better structure. Our delivery has improved. We used your experience and knowledge to better understand our delivery issues and we looked at bringing a more agile approach into Digital Matter — which would help with a product release and give us more visibility around the go-live date for the customer. We achieved our objectives and your help was valuable.

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About Us Our Experience Infoware is a Mississippi corporation founded in August , and in November of began marketing digital voice products primarily to the healthcare industry. Since that time, we have diversified our product lines to incorporate voice management solutions and speech recognition for not only healthcare, but legal, insurance, law enforcement, and general business. While that is certainly an option, it is important to note that along with remote access, we provide on-site installation, training and on-going maintenance to those who need support over and above what can be offered remotely.

Our company has a strong interest in maintaining customer satisfaction to ensure repeat business and to utilize its customers as positive references. We specialize in computer application and professional audio recording solutions, offering products to assist with increased efficiency while providing cost effective solutions. Our customer base consists of law firms, hospitals, medical clinics, medical transcription services, county and local court systems, city hall, police, and fire department facilities, utility providers, insurance companies, agencies, and adjusters, just to name a few.

From digital voice recorders to cloud-based workflow solutions and everything in between, we are your source for quality, professional products, Our Service Our technical team is second to none when it comes to the products we sell.

Certified training on each product is required ensuring we have the latest information to support our customers. Whether service is provided on-site or remotely, our staff has all the tools necessary to get the job done in an efficient and timely manner.

Why Us? With over 20 years of experience in the Professional audio and data management business, we know what solutions work for each of our customers. Providing the highest quality products in the industry coupled with unparalleled support is why Infoware should be trusted with your business. Let us help find the right solution for you!


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Think of an office network that is universal: one that can be accessed by your staff and clients at anytime, anywhere around the world via the internet. As a subscriber, all your company data is integrated into Infoware software and stored on our servers. Security and privacy of your data is controlled using proven Virtual Private Network VPN technology between your office and our servers. Terms of Subscription At Infoware Services we have complete confidence in our products and services. This is why we require only a 3 month minimum term for our subscription. Put simply, what we offer is uniquely delivered and the way forward in effectively managing your business software and infrastructure needs.


Experts in Professional Audio Recording and Speech Recognition Solutions



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