Ask students: What power do children have? Who makes the rules? Do you have any say in the rules that you have to follow? What do you think the average adult or big person thinks of kids? What is the best thing about being a kid? What is the best thing about growing up and getting bigger?

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Shelves: childrens We all grew up with television, right? I was watching a belly dancer and my parents and siblings were laughing because I was having a hard-on.

I also remember the many times that my mother asked us not to watch too close to the TV screen as the radiation it can damage our eyes. So, when I became a father, I said the same thing to my daughter.

We all tend to tell to our We all grew up with television, right? We all tend to tell to our children those things that we heard from our parents when we were young. We sometimes take those as bible-truths without asking why. Mordecai Richler was a Canadian Jewish author, screenwriter and essayist.

When Jacob is imprisoned with scary Hooded Fang as the warden, he does not feel afraid because he thinks that Hooded Fang is, deep inside, a good man. This reminded me of the good-natured Jewish people in concentration camps during that Holocaust who clung to their hopes that the German camp leaders still had goodness in their hearts despite the blatant atrocities that they were doing. While reading the book, I tried thinking what could I have felt following the adventures or misadventures of Jacob Two-Two.

He is helpless and lost when he is persecuted getting a prison sentence of 2 years, 3 months, 2 weeks and 2 minutes.

He must have felt really sad while being brought to the Children Prison hundreds of miles away from the civilization. However, he must still be hopeful because his elder brother and sister gave him a tracker so that he could be rescued later. So, there is still hope that is probably similar to the hope that the Jewish people kept in the hearts while suffering inside the concentration camps. So, why do children stay too close to the TV while watching?

Child psychologists say that it is because their surroundings are noisy and they are very interested on what they are watching. So, they go near the TV so as not to be distracted. Funny, right? If we see them too close to the TV, we tell them repeatedly to sit stay away from the screen or else their eyes would be damaged.

Then because of our noisy nagging, they would go nearer. So, it becomes a chicken-and-egg thing. The trick is to be silent, give them space and let them enjoy the show. Having your son with a hard-on is normal be it in the morning when he wakes up or while watching a TV show with a bevy of dancing beauties.


Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang

Characters[ edit ] Jacob Two-Two The protagonist of the story, Jacob Two-Two is the youngest child in his family and tends not to be heard. As a result, he repeats everything twice automatically, which is the origin of his nickname. See Jacob Richler. Jacob later helps Mr. Dinglebat and his agent Intrepid a hamster on top secret missions.


Jacob Two-Two


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