Origins[ edit ] According to the Talagunda inscription found in Shimoga in Karnataka , the Kadambas are of Brahmin origin, descended from Mayurasharma. Shashthadeva later conquered the city of Chandrapur from the Shilaharas and established the Goan Kadamba dynasty in CE. The next King, Jayakeshi I, further expanded the Goan kingdom. Gopakapattana was a pleasant commercial city, well connected with Old Goa and a trading hub for over years.

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Please merge them together and retain the contents of "Kadambas" which is much more comprehensive. Dinesh Kannambadi I completed the merge myself after i found out how to redirect. Dinesh Brahmin Heritage of Kadambas[ edit ] The Brahmin ascendent have been question by a lot of historians.

Do we need that? Reply: Absolutely. There is sufficient proof to prove that. I dont understand why some edits were made to take out info on their rule as feudatories of the Chalukyas and so on. I am reverting back. If you know the names of scholars who disagree with the Brahmin heritage, put it in the page and provide verifiable reference or hold your peace. Scholars generally disagree based on personal view points and we need to provide all angles.

Dont delete matter just because you think it shold not be there. Also, please log in. Edits with out log in name can be considered "vandalism".

Dinesh Kannambadi Plan of Action[ edit ] Here is my plan of action for Kadamba page which I have been working on for most part. I intend to comprahensively build this page, this dynasty being the first native kingdom of Karnataka , by adding relevant info to the main kingdom - Kadambas of Banavasi which the main page pertains to and creating sub articles for Kadambas of Hanagal, Kadambas of Goa.

Some info regarding other minor Kadamba clans will also pre presented Kadambas from Bailnad, Belur, Halasi etc. George M. Suryanath U. I shall also be drawing info from other sources like Prof K. Please be patient and direct all questions to my user page. I know you have not vandalised the material in the last few weeks but I realise you have tried to use this article as a sandbox in the past.

It is you who is going to get blocked, not me. There is no evidence in the article -- Maurice45 talk , 11 February UTC The map shown seems a little incorrect[ edit ] The Kadambas were contemporaries of the Gangas of Kolar.

But the Kadambas Map shows including the Gangavadi region. It appears to me that is a bit of error. Moreover, there is no evidence of the Gangavadi region having significant influence of Kadamba rule except as neighbours. The temple at Rattihalli is even called Kadambeshwara temple. Must add the link to the place Rattihalli and the temple. It is a centrally protected temple ASI. It comes from the Gazetteer of Dharwad Ch. The Kadambas were ruling as subordinates of the Kalyana Chalukyas over Noorumbada which included Rattapalli and Ittige, the latter being a place in Ranibennur taluk and Rattihalli was its capital.

Following several discussions in past years , these subpages are now deprecated. The comments may be irrelevant or outdated; if so, please feel free to remove this section. You have refferred "Mayurasharma" and not "Mayuravarma". I think the correct name should be "Mayuravarma" not "Mayurasharma".

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Velim, 11 kilometers from Margao, South Goa. Venkatesha A. Upadhiaya today submitted a memorandum to the President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh and Mr. Warning the locals who were present here today not to be silent spectators to injustice done to the glorious historical past Mr. Upadhiaya a native of Belgaum lamented while reacting to regionalism that prior to his death in Roqiue Santana like his father in Portuguese colonial times always gave a warm welcome and supply of drinking water as a gesture of respect to the Kannada visitors at the site.

No doubt this family is Goan, like thousands of Goans they are of Deccan origin too?. Upadhiaya said. Earlier, a man who walked up behind the secured gates calling himself the security for the Roqiue Santana family charged last years pilgrims of criminal mischief, theft and robbery as important antiques went missing following last Dec. Leading the pilgrims Mr. Upadhiaya held that most of the pilgrims are the descendants of the? Historians hold that Haliyal yard was basically?

In his memorandum he urged Archeological? According to this famous historical source held sacred by Hangal Coterie, Purandarai ruler of Hangal and family on the eve of his fall in secretly traveled over night to joined his daughter who herself took shelter in safer Jayakeshi Velimpura compound in when her husband was assassinated by Mohammedans at present day Chandor.

A second wall stone Kannada inscription dated in the Velim compound marks the death and cremation of? Veenomai-Devi beauty and wife of? It can be infered from the Velim inscription that Goa Kadamba Suriya-Deva son of Beera, was married to the nearby royal bride who was his distance cousin.

Before adopting Portuguese Catholicism Mr. The Portuguese? It is a well known historical conclusion that this Christian connection attracted early Jesuits including Francis Xavier to visit Velliapura first for refreshment before traveling inland for conversions, he added.

Nilkanth Sah Paddaam in this press release said here today that a six member delegation headed by Mr. Upadhiaya is leaving for New Delhi tomorrow to follow up with his memorandum.


Kadambas of Goa

Please merge them together and retain the contents of "Kadambas" which is much more comprehensive. Dinesh Kannambadi I completed the merge myself after i found out how to redirect. Dinesh Brahmin Heritage of Kadambas[ edit ] The Brahmin ascendent have been question by a lot of historians. Do we need that?


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He was a learned Brahman. It is said that Mayurasharma came to receive education at Kanchi, but he was insulted by some Pallava officials. To avenge his insult, he took up a military profession, defeated Pallava officials and then Pallavas recognized the independence of Mayursharma. The Mayurasharma ruled from Banavasi from A. Kakusthavarman A. Kakusthavarman established matrimonial relations with the Gangas and the Guptas dynasties.

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