It gives everything a chance to work out its karma the law of action. Evolution and reincarnation are methods of propelling all creation toward final freedom in Spirit, held no longer under the natural law of death. Nor do you end desires by giving up everything and becoming a poor man. You have your own self-created destiny with its lessons to be learned, and you must play well that part for which you were sent here. If everybody on the stage wants to be a king or queen, there will be no play. An actor with even a minor part can ruin the entire production by a poor performance.

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If one missed reading Autobiography of a Yogi, this slim volume is a small nugget of wisdom that introduces the reader to the ideas of Self and its connection to the divine. Karma is a much used word. We hear people complaining that this is their karma and so they cant escape it. Or sometimes karma is punishment. However Karma is not any of these things. Karma is not retribution. Karma is allocation of consequences to thoughts, words and actions.

One has to live out these consequences because we created them through the exercise of our own free will. We take birth to spend these karmic deposits. But who are we and where do we come from? This books value lies here in breaking down the complex ideas of soul and reincarnation into simple easily comprehensible bytes of knowledge.

Karma cannot be avoided to the extent that every cause has an effect. Our actions and thoughts create our reality and this reality cannot be avoided.

To change the reality we have to change our thoughts and actions. Karma is a just reward system that operates across lifetimes where we reap what we have sowed. Unlearned lessons are repeated, until the student gets it completely and makes spiritual progress. Unlearned lessons might be about letting go of jealousy, cultivating patience, being tolerant, forgiveness, etc. Reincarnation underscores this idea of soul learning in a series of lifetimes.

Learning eliminates suffering. One needs to continuously love and forgive as God does and this is the only way to come out of the cycle of creating and accumulating new karma P. Death is a temporary intermission in the unending cycle of lifetimes. It gives the soul a chance to review the lifetime and identify imperfections that separate it from the Divine. Reincarnation is a chance for the soul to make spiritual progress.

We break the cycle of life and death when we use our free will to consciously and deliberately make an effort to realise God. When we attain this knowledge of wholeness that we do not lack in anything, that we are perfect at the soul level and the seeming lack is only manifest at the outward physical level we achieve freedom. We achieve freedom from suffering, blame and guilt pp. Each one us is a part of the Divine Consciousness. At the highest level we are all souls, sharing the same divine attributes.

Differences of language, religion, colour, inequalities and prejudices mask this inherent purity and divine oneness. The purpose of our life is to understand this inherent oneness and make a conscious effort to realise the divinity within one self and realise how each one of us is also part of the grand tapestry of Divine consciousness. Death is not physical. Karma, death and reincarnation are steps on the spiritual ladder to understand the ultimate purpose of life.


Karma and Reincarnation: Understanding Your Past to Improve Your Future

Only on entering into My consciousness do they gain release from karmic bondage. If we get really excited, we will inevitably feel tired and depressed later. If we hurt someone, someone will later hurt us. Even our desires cause karma; they must eventually be satisfied or overcome. However, if we hurt someone unintentionally or if what we desire is also the right thing, then there is a much smaller repercussion. As long as we have unfulfilled desires and actions that have not yet been repaid good or bad , we we must reincarnate to neutralize them, which keeps us from merging completely in God.


If we accept the principle of cause and effect in Nature, and of action and reaction in physics, how can we not believe that this natural law extends also to human beings? Once consciousness is understood as basic to everything the question begs to be asked: Do not humans, too, belong to the natural order? Such is the law of karma: As you sow, so shall you reap. And if you sow goodness, you will reap goodness in the form of inner joy. To understand karma, you must realize that thoughts are things. The very universe, in the final analysis, is composed not of matter but of consciousness. Matter responds, far more than most people realize, to the power of thought.


It sets into motion the law of cause and effect. The action produces a result that binds itself to the doer until the cause is compensated by the appropriate effect, whether forthcoming immediately or carried over from one life to another. The habits you cultivated in past lives have substantially created your physical, mental, and emotional makeup in this life. You have forgotten those habits, but they have not forgotten you.

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