The concepts in it have become very important to my outlook on life. It is very academic. But it is well worth it. I wish that General Semantics had truly caught on.

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If they are not applied, but merely talked about, no results can be expected. SCIENCE SANITY KORZYBSKI "In general semantics we are concerned with the sanity of the race, including particularly methods of prevention; eliminating from home, elementary, and higher education inadequate aristotelian types of evaluation which too often lead to the un- sanity of the race, and building up for the first time a positive theory of sanity, as a workable non-aristotelian system.

Only when we face these facts fearlessly and intelligently may we save for future civilizations whatever there is left to save, and build from the ruins of a dying epoch a new and saner society. This system, when internalized and applied, can create a saner and more peaceful world, justifying the title of this book, Science and Sanity.

Theseminar trainingprogram continues to be carriedon,and an increasing number of universities, colleges, secondary and elementary schools offer courses in general semantics, or integratethemethodology in the teachingofother courses. Later he served in various military capacities in this country and Canada. After the publication of Manhood of Humanityin , heremainedin the United Statesanddeveloped the methodologyby which his new theoryof time-binding could be applied.

Thesestudies culminated in Science and Sanity in He was the Founder and Director of the Institute of General Semantics, established in as the center for training inhiswork, andcontinuedto lecture and write until his death in Instituteof General Semantics, Time-Binding: The General Theory. Two Papers, Ronald Press, New York, Alfred Korzybski: Collected Writings,, Coll.

Semantics, Institute of General.


Alfred Korzybski - Science and Sanity

Tras la Primera Guerra Mundial, al constatar que determinadas revisiones conceptuales eran indispensables, Korzybski y algunos otros se dispusieron a analizar los factores que precipitan al hombre en tales desastres. En consecuencia, los resultados son impredecibles y de ellos se derivan desastres. De hecho, en todo el mundo, son estas las primeras preguntas que se les formulan a los pacientes que ingresan en este tipo de hospitales, y sus reacciones a estas cuestiones proporcionan numerosos indicios sobre la gravedad de su enfermedad. Un mapa no representa todo el territorio. Aplicado a la vida corriente y al lenguaje, esto se convierte en: Una palabra no es lo que representa.


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