Shelves: world-war-i , maritime-history Dreadnought is the story of the naval arms race between England and Germany leading up to World War I. Now, anyone who has taken the time to think about World War I knows that it is a nearly-intractable subject when it comes its genesis. We all learn in school about the myriad entangling alliances, in which a number of triggers built into a series of treaties flipped one by one, like a perverse game of dominoes. Or something like that. We know the mechanics.

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Email: obentur rockefeller. Current Research Protocol Title: Identification of genetic modifiers that ameliorate the clinical severity of patients with hemophilia Bio: Dr. He completed his internal medicine residency and hematology fellowship at the Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel.

As a Clinical Scholar, Dr. Bentur will focus on molecular analysis of patients with bleeding disorders and genotype-phenotype correlation analysis in these patients. He will try to identify genetic modifiers in patients with less severe bleeding symptoms than expected based on the severity of their coagulation abnormality. He completed his dermatology residency with the Australasian College of Dermatologists, Australia. Frew will study Hidradenitis Suppurativa, a debilitating and largely neglected inflammatory skin disease.

He will focus on the mechanisms of innate immune dysregulation with the goal of unravelling the complex contributions of genetic factors and environmental triggers such as smoking, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

He will also examine the role of alterations to the microbiome in perpetuating the ongoing inflammatory cascade in this disorder with the aim of identifying and developing new treatments for this disease. Gaebler is studying broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV Such anti-HIV-1 antibodies have been shown to effectively control virus replication in animal model systems and in human antibody treatment studies.

His current research focuses on the characterization of the HIV-1 latent reservoir. Irmady is a graduate of Mysore Medical College, India following which she received her doctoral degree from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. She completed her residency training in neurology at Yale New Haven Hospital and is currently pursuing a fellowship in movement disorders at Columbia University.

Current Research Protocol Title: A phase 1, open-label study to assess the safety and tolerability of the Fc-engineered variant V11 in patients with tumors of the skin amenable to intratumoral injection Bio: Dr. Knorr will focus on improving immune therapy of cancer by activating CD40 on immune cells with specifically-engineered antibodies. This has the potential to provide another class of drugs that can help the immune system attack and kill cancer cells.

Maxwell will study genetic factors that increase susceptibility to both oncogenesis and cancer treatment-related toxicities. Her specific research interest is identifying the functional mechanism by which alternations in genes causing Fanconi anemia increase the risk of developing malignancies.


Current Clinical Scholars

Zulutaur Others may experience bleeding more common to hemophilia with joint and intramuscular hemorrhage. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent or fluorescent based immune assays can detect both inhibitory and noninhibitory antibodies and may have improved detection for low-titer inhibitors but further validation is needed to support widespread use [ Dazzi et al. Retention of new blood donors: Development of a mitochondrial DNA real-time polymerase chain reaction assay for quality control of pathogen reduction with riboflavin and ultraviolet light. Factor VIII inhibitors in hemophilia A: rationale and latest evidence Screening of post-mortem tissue donors for Coxiella burnetii infection after large outbreaks of Q fever in The Netherlands. Platelet transfusion versus standard care after acute stroke due to spontaneous cerebral haemorrhage associated with antiplatelet therapy PATCH: Variation in red cell transfusion decisions in the intensive care unit — a nationwide survey in the Netherlands. Enhanced uptake of blood coagulation factor VIII containing immune complexes by antigen presenting cells. Please review our privacy policy.


Impact of hemophilia home therapy program on a regional blood center.

Maujin A multicenter randomized controlled trial. TRALI not a two hit, but a multi-causal model. Camila Caram-Deelder, MSc, from the Center for Clinical Transfusion Research in Leiden, the Netherlands, and colleagues conducted a retrospective cohort study of first-ever transfusion recipients from May 30,to September 1,in 6 major Dutch hospitals. Alloexposed blood donors and transfusion-related acute lung injury: Transfusion-related acute lung injury not a two-hit, but a multicausal model.

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