It also provides actual maps, which have also not been seen in the game for some time. Originally released as a page, full-color hardback, The Atlas of Rokugan was later made available as a pdf on DriveThruRPG sorry, no giant pull-out map in that version. Contents The Atlas of Rokugan is pretty much exactly what it sounds like from the title — a comprehensive guide to the locations in Rokugan with a lot of work to harmonize prior conflicting sources. About two-thirds of the book is dedicated to covering the lands of the Great Clans, broken down by province note that, unlike most L5R RPG products, the clans are not given equal space — if they had more to say about one clan than another, then one clan gets more space than another. Each clans lands have an introduction, as does each province, in addition to the discussion of individual locations within that province.

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As the title says, I started writing my own version of the L5R RPG, changing not only mechanics but transforming the setting into what I thought it should be. So I thought I should post what I write here for a little bit of critique. As it will become very obvious as I post more stuff, one of my objectives was to transform Rokugan from a "Japan" setting into a "Asia" setting the same way Thea, from the 7th Sea RPG, is not representative of a single European nation.

I also took lots of inspiration from other RPGs, video games Nioh in particular and media in general. Most of what I have put to paper until now is very broad strokes in nature, so any questions are welcome. I will use this post to present what I have fluff-wise and will set another one immediately after this for mechanics.

But more than that, the Great Clans are representatives of the cultures founded by them, and not necessarily bind people from this culture to the land. There can be characters born and raised in the Lion culture that lives in Scorpion lands, Scorpion culture characters living in Crab lands and so on.

Being from a different culture does not prevent them from being servants of the lords of the land he lives in, though. The Families are now known as Clans and take the spot previously occupied by the Great Clans: they represent to socio-political unit a character is loyal to. The old Families now called Clans are not as bound to their respective Clans now called Nations as they were before.

Internal warfare amongst Clans of the same Nation is much more common and the rule, instead of the exception. Also, Clans defection from Nation to Nation happens more instead of being limited to the Yasuki and the Agasha in the whole history of Rokugan. The Minor Clans are no more. Instead, their families are now Clans in the new sense of the word, basically existing at the same social standing as every single other Clan in Rokugan. Of course, they are usually less powerful militarily and economically than most long standing and traditional Clans like the Akodo, Bayushi and etc, but that can change.

There might be times when a very small Clan like the Ashinagabachi gets enough fortunes that it becomes powerful enough to challenge even more traditionally powerful Clans like the Daidoji. Some say that the Nioh where his bodyguards, travelling by his side and protecting him from the evil spirits that tried to stop him.

This have several benefits; Firstly, the character can see spirits normally; Secondly, the character can spend a Void Point to activate the power of his soul: for a number of rounds equal to his highest Ring, he will be able to cause damage to Spirits as if they were normal enemies.

This ignores any kind of abilities that prevent or attenuates damage being caused to the spiritual creature in question, like the Invulnerability and Spirit qualities. This does not work against creatures corrupted by the Shadowlands, unless the character is in possession of a jade finger. The jade finger is consumed; While the spirit power is active, the character gains Reduction with the same value as the Ring he is using to activate this ability; While the spiritual power of the Nioh is manifested, the character and his equipment seems engulfed by an elemental aura corresponding to the Ring he uses for this ability.

This elemental aura is simply a visual manifestation of his spiritual power and have no other effect besides the ones described above.

When imbued with the power of jade, his elemental aura takes a golden hue, shining with sacred light.


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