Synopsis[ edit ] The play takes place in , in a hotel suite in Cleveland , Ohio. The two-room set has a sitting room with a sofa and chairs at right and a bedroom at left. A center "stage wall" divides the two rooms, with a door leading from one room to the other. A sellout crowd and the members of the Cleveland Opera Guild will be at the opera house that evening to see the great Merelli. Maggie is a fan of Tito Merelli, and hopes to meet him. Tito finally arrives at the hotel suite, accompanied by his hot-tempered Italian wife, Maria, who is jealous because Tito flirts with other women.

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But "Lend Me a Tenor" can. Now, not every joke lands quite right possibly a side effect of time. But on the whole, this is a fantastic play, filled with a mad-cap cast of characters and an energy that carries your through the plot so fast that you hardly have time to do anything but laugh I almost gave it four stars, because I felt like it could have been 20 pages longer and been more intense in parts, but it was probably wise for the writer to keep it short and sweet.

Act 1 was a little slow in building, but it still keeps your interest. It definitely set up for a comedic Act 2, where I was laughing out loud for most of it. As for characters - Max and Tito are done really well. Max experiences While it may be just another play with mistaken identities, it is done superbly well. Max experiences significant growth, although much of it happens off-stage. The two love-interests are done okay, although one seems to be a mirror of the other.

The cast had to stop at moments for we were laughing too much!! In order to be a success, this show will rely heavily on pacing of blocking especially entrances and exits and comedic timing!


Lend Me a Tenor



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