Follow Us Purposefully Primitive Our ancestors built their amazing functional fitness through intense, daily physical demands and a no-nonsense, super-basic diet. Over the last 30 years Gallagher has published over 1, articles in two dozen fitness publications. He also writes a highly acclaimed weekly Live Online column for Washingtonpost. Primordial Man was lean, muscular and tough as nails. His very life depended on his ability to fight or flee in an instant, and every day he had to stalk and kill animals with spears, knives, snares, rocks and arrows.

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Download your free copy of The Purposeful Primitive Epilogue In The Purposeful Primitive, Gallagher exposes the flaws and myths rampant in the modern fitness community, then reveals what could be termed The Way of the Masters—his foolproof program for guaranteeing physical transformation, based on the received wisdom of the greats who have gone before us.

As someone who has trained with some of the greatest strength athletes of the century, as someone who has coached numerous world champions to ever more impressive records and as someone who has had spectacular results applying these same methods to average folk, Marty Gallagher knows whereof he speaks. Change—change for the better—is inevitable.

Cutting-edge science combines with Old School basics—forcing the body to transform, whether it likes it or not. Simply fill out the form below and put The Purposeful Primitive paperback to work for you right now. Go ahead and try it today. In the 21st century, this drive, this search for the Holy Grail of physical perfection has climbed to ever-greater heights —but has also plunged us to unforeseen depths.

Elite athletes worldwide continue to shatter records that would have been considered inconceivable only decades earlier. Our current stars are unimaginably bigger, stronger and faster than their earlier counterparts. And yet, for the general populace the story is quite different. Obesity and abject weakness have exploded across our land like an all-consuming virus. And the gap between the super-fit and the obscenely unfit widens by the day.

While an elite minority seems to possess the secret to supreme physical transformation, our fitness landscape is littered with the road kill of those who failed to make genuine progress in their quest for change.

According to leading fitness author, world powerlifting champion and coach extraordinaire, Marty Gallagher, the reasons for this sorry state of affairs are clear and the solution obvious. In The Purposeful Primitive, Gallagher exposes the flaws and myths rampant in the modern fitness community, then reveals what could be termed The Way of the Masters—his foolproof program for guaranteeing physical transformation, based on the received wisdom of the greats who have gone before us.

The problem with modern day fitness, says Gallagher, lies in the sheer plethora and over-complexity of methods, the fragmented partiality of specialized systems and the general confusion about what really works to gain and retain muscle while losing significant body fat.

The great masters of fitness became masters by following a four-fold path: right weight training, right cardio, right eating and right mind-training. All four modes have to be practiced together as a synergistic whole. The purposefully primitive Way of the Masters is deliberately and potently stripped down to the core essentials of truly effective training methods.

What I have learned has blown me away by its beauty and simplicity. I invite you to be equally blown away from your reading of The Purposeful Primitive. Marty Gallagher is the best writer in the iron game, period. He is so far ahead of the competition, both in his inner and outer knowledge of his subject and in his masterful delivery, that he is in a league of his own and the second best is not even in sight.

There are two things I can say unequivocally about what I have read. Teeming with esoteric information on training, biomechanics, nutrition, and sport psychology, The Purposeful Primitive is a wealth of information that every serious lifter needs to read. You are going to like this book. You are going to LOVE it. I promise you that. Judd Biasiotto, author of 46 fitness and health-related books, world powerlifting champion I really only have two things to say about Marty Gallagher that bear on his new book, The Purposeful Primitive.

The first is that there are two classes of writers in powerlifting: 1 Marty Gallagher and 2 all others. The second is that one day, ten years ago, Marty called to say he knew a Russian guy who he thought might be a good writer for MILO, so we invited the guy to submit an article: It was called Vodka, Pickle Juice, Kettlebell Lifting and other Russian Pastimes, the author was Pavel Tsatsouline, and rest, as they say, is history. Strossen, Ph. The Purposeful Primitive has been a very interesting journey for me Marty does a wonderful job bringing out the art and science of training, extracting many of the critical universal and specific principles guiding rules to action—social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual that are applicable to living a productive life in general, and in training for health, fitness and sport, specifically.

For those who buy or judge reading material by size, number of pages, volume, or distance able to be thrown and cause damage, Marty has your back on this one. For the intellectual athlete who actually thirsts for knowledge and sees content as King, you will get 30 years of genius and experience in the Iron Game mixed with the passion and ability of Hemmingway all wrapped up in one book and the result is The Purposeful Primitive.

From me to you—Go buy the book and enjoy!! His style is rich with anecdote, at the same time being right on point regarding the many divergent paths to the attainment of fitness. The basic truths underlying those paths have been distilled down to a certainty, allowing the reader to intelligently compose their own program.

Good job from one who sought intensely over many years to grasp the essence of power and fitness and most importantly loves what he does. That he has written over a thousand articles about fitness and nutrition in the published print media not to include his amazing blog. That he is not just a genius, but the best interviewer and storyteller going. From Olympic lifting to power lifting and bodybuilding, whether muscle gain or fat loss, from cooking to supplements, from changing exercise and eating habits to molding the psychology of a champion whether one is even remotely interested in competition or not , Marty has covered it all.

I only wish I had had a book like this when I was growing up and trying my best to get bigger and stronger. Wright, Ph. D, former Director of Sports Science, U. Absolutely magnificent. What a breathtaking book on a life with iron. Marty Gallagher delivers an outstanding, comprehensive book with a writing style worthy of Hemingway himself.

This book takes you on a journey through the iron-history of the great ones and in the most sophisticated way Marty presents probably the best ever written material on life, iron and mental fortitude. This book is impossible to put down once you start reading it. It should be the first read of any who aspire to lift weights and be healthy.

There are not enough words in the English language or Danish for that matter to describe how excellent this book is.

I give it my highest recommendation!! RKC Gallagher takes the gems of the greatest strength athletes in history and distills the keys to success for all of us.

After reviewing profile after profile after profile of great strength trainers in history, Gallagher goes the next step: he sums up their approaches then shows that all of them are right. There is so much more to this book, of course. The mental training section blends the Western and Eastern approaches to the mind game of training. Moreover, we see a commonsense approach to this whole overhyped field. It is simply this: refreshing. Gallagher gives clarity to the calorie conundrum.

Yes, every diet approach works, but Gallagher shows us a way to link them together. Truly, this man of experience understands that success leaves footprints and every approach is worthy of discussion. Oh, this book is a joy. I am convinced that I will probably keep reading The Purposeful Primitive in bits and snips for years.

The secrets involve training really hard and really heavy. The Purposeful Primitive both inspired me, and also challenged some of my long-held notions about strength and athleticism. I would nominate prioritizing weaknesses and not continually playing to our strength. That did it! If nothing else, this chapter needs to be read by all coaches and by all athletes and all trainers in the fitness world… I highly recommend The Purposeful Primitive as a must read.

The Purposeful Primitive is an enlightening read, filled with great insights into the masters of the last century in Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Cardiovascular Training, Nutrition and Psychology. Great job Marty Gallagher, master of: writing, powerlifting, physical training, cardiovascular training, nutrition and psychology. My old friend Marty knocked this one out of the park. I was so fascinated I could not put the book down.

These are exactly the routines most of us experienced in those days. It brought back a lot of memories. For all you young powerlifters out there who want to build real power like we did it in the old days this is the book to get.

Thank you so much Marty. Thanks so much Marty for not letting these great stories and this wealth of information fade away with the old masters! So much of that Old School training wisdom has been forgotten or discarded in our modern era.

The training philosophies of men like Bill Pearl and Ed Coan are timeless and grounded in principles that have stood the test of time.

These philosophies are based in the idea that first and foremost, hard and sustained physical effort must be implemented for a protracted period. This requires using lots of Old School discipline. Too many individuals in this day and age want to believe that some miracle method exists that can magically bypass the requisite pain and struggle. By spotlighting men from a simpler era, Marty shows that real gains can be gotten from methods that need not be unduly complicated.

I would hope that modern readers could absorb some of the iconic lessons he relates in his own unique way. I have been studying the industry for 20 years. Marty is in a class of his own. Combine his fitness knowledge with a unique talent for writing and one has an unbeatable combination. The Purposeful Primitive is an outstanding read, with credible and essential information for beginners and elite lifters alike. I will be honored to promote the book at my gym and the many contests we host each year.

Spero S. Tshontikidis, R. United, Inc. Marty Gallagher did a tremendous job! Not only was it a very interesting and entertaining read, but it can be used as a reference manual. A must read for anyone interested in fitness and or strength. The hilarious over-the-top reminiscences of Old School powerlifting and powerlifters is combined with the basic, bare-bones, best-practice information needed to dramatically change your physical appearance and become radically bigger and stronger as long as you are willing to sacrifice your blood, sweat, and tears to the loa of The Purposeful Primitive.

I believe that is what this book is all about; results.


The Purposeful Primitive

Start your review of The Purposeful Primitive: From Fat and Flaccid to lean and Powerful-Using the Primordial Laws of Fitness to Trigger Inevitable Write a review Oct 27, Marlow rated it really liked it For the breadth of the history provided, the specificity of detail of its subject matter, and the efficacy that the fundamentals of training are instilled to the uninitiated, Marty Gallaghers The Purposeful Primitive is the powerlifting equivalent of Dr. Timothy Noakess Lore of Running. In the pursuit of athletic glory, these men came to embody distinct virtues that represent the high point of character in civilization: self-sacrifice, prudence, loyalty, resilience. The tales of redemption, determination, transformation, and on occasion, tragedy are physical allegories capturing the arc the human spirit travels in its efforts of self-overcoming. In the first instance, as the soul seeks to transcend the material constraints imposed upon it by the laws of physics and the legacy of evolution; subsequently, the effort made manifest in the spiritual realm as the project to surpass the limitations placed upon the soul by society and culture. The work of the Iron Masters is both a protest against materialism and an act of refusal—a wholesale rejection of the path of least resistance as a historical trend running through the annals of civilization and the complacency of the status quo as a norm governing human societies.


Purposefully Primitive




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