Start your review of Maximizing Your Potential Write a review Feb 02, Lauren rated it it was ok I was somewhat disappointed with this read. I have heard so many wonderful things about Dr Myles Monroe as a motivational speaker and as an author. Perhaps my expectations were too high? It can definitely aide one in making life changes in the right direction. It was just too repetitive and over simplified for my taste.

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This book is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. This book may not be copied or reprinted for commercial gain or profit. The use of short quotations or occasional page copying for personal or group study is permitted and encouraged. Permission will be granted upon request. Copyright , , by International Bible Society. All rights reserved. Take note that the name satan and related names are not capitalized. We choose not to acknowledge him, even to the point of violating grammatical rules.

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc. For a U. To the readers of my first two volumes on potential, with the hope that you will go on to complete the process you beganto discover, release, and maximize your true ability. To the human spirit, destined to greatness in its desire to expose the glory of the richness of the treasure of Gods grace. To the millions of untapped Third World peoples throughout the world, for whom my passion is to see them realize their full potential. Acknowledgments All that we know is a sum total of what we have learned from all who have taught us, both directly and indirectly.

I am forever indebted to the countless outstanding men and women who, by their commitment and dedication to becoming the best they could be, have inspired me to do the same. I am ever mindful of the unparalleled love, prayer, support, and patience of my precious wife, Ruth, and our children, Charisa and Chairo Myles Jr.

To Kathy Miller, my gifted and diligent editor and advisor, who co-labored with me in the delivery of this book. Thanks for your patience, tolerance, and persistence in seeing that I maximize the potential of this book. Contents Foreword. Why Maximize? How to Become Your Potential. The Enemies of Potential. Guard and Protect Your Potential. Cultivate and Feed Your Potential.

Share Your Potential. Your Potential and the Next Generation. Potential and Gods Purpose. As we find ourselves in the midst of personal, social, and global change, people experience more fear, anxiety, and hopelessness than ever before. Astronomical job layoffs, family breakups, teen violence, crime, absence of spiritual values, lack of job security, and soaring suicide statistics have created a sense of urgency within people to search for the path to a better life.

In my humble opinion, Maximizing Your Potential by Dr. Myles Munroerecognized internationally as a religious leader, philosopher, and motivational speakerprovides much needed answers. Not only does he base his principles on the Bible, which is the greatest resource for pursuing ones greatness, but he also lives the message that he writes about.

Born in a Third World country, surrounded by poverty and hopelessness, at the age of 16 Myles Munroe made a decision to be all that God intended him to be.

Not only is he a best-selling author and a speaker in great demand, he also travels around the globe teaching from his life experiences and consulting with heads of 11 nations and major corporations. He is a talented singer, songwriter, and composer, and plays several instruments. He is a gifted painter, pastor of the largest growing congregation in the Bahamas, and a devoted husband and father.

He is spiritual counselor to celebrities and high profile people from all walks of life, including me and my wife, Gladys Knight-Brown. Maximizing Your Potential gives you the keys to having the authority and dominion given to you by God over every area of your life.

It will give you the methods to discover your lifes purpose and develop a closer relationship with God. Maximizing Your Potential leads you to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and, whatever your goals arewhether theyre to get your life out of a rut, save your marriage, restart your career, redirect the lives of our youth, and find peace of mind, good health, and financial successall these things and much, much more shall be added to you Mt.

As we rapidly close this century, Maximizing Your Potential will be used for years to come as a torch to lead us out of the tunnels of mediocrity, fear, and despair. This has been Mrs. Mamie Browns baby boy Les Brown 12 Preface The greatest threat to being all you could be is satisfaction with who you are.

What you could do is always endangered by what you have done. There are millions of individuals who have buried their latent talents, gifts, and abilities in the cemetery of their last accomplishment. They have settled for less than their best. I believe that the enemy of best is good, and the strength of good is the norm. The power of the norm is the curse of our society. It seems like the world is designed to make the norm comfortable and the average respectable.

What a tragedy! A quick glance at history reveals that the individuals who impacted their generations and affected the world most dramatically were individuals who, because of a circumstance, pressure, or decision, challenged the tide of convention, stretched the boundaries of tradition, and violated the expectations of the norm. Few great things have ever been done within the confines of the accepted norm. In essence, history is always made by individuals who dare to challenge and exceed the accepted norm.

Why follow a path when you can make a trail? It is incumbent upon each of us to ask ourselves 13 the following questions: Have we become all we are capable of? Have we extended ourselves to the maximum? Have we done the best we can do? Have we used our gifts, talents, and abilities to their limit?

Please note that the maximization of the abilities, talents, gifts, and untapped potential that lay dormant in the lives of individuals who have impacted their generations was occasioned by the pressure created by circumstances and situations beyond their control. Unfortunately, the majority of the people on planet Earth will never go beyond the norm unless the abnormal develops.

Its as though ability needs responsibility to reveal and expose itself. I believe it is our Creators will and desire that we decide to commit and dedicate ourselves to, and determine within ourselves, to achieve the full maximization of our potential.

Once again the questions are echoed: Have we fully utilized our abilities, talents, and gifts? Have we settled for the norm? Have we done our best? Have we allowed others to place limitations on our potential, or have we created self-imposed limitations? It is essential that you come to grips with these questions because they are related to your personal fulfillment and your contribution to the human family, and to the pleasure of your Creator.

You have been endowed by your Creator with immeasurable treasures of ability specifically designed and tailored to accomplish everything your God-given purpose demands. You are equipped with all you need in order to do all you were created to do. However, the releasing of your potential is not up to God, but you. You determine the degree to which your destiny is accomplished. You determine the measure of your own success, success that is established by the Creators assignment for your life.

As I arrived home with my purchase, I eagerly anticipated the exciting process of installing this wonder of technology. My children joined me as I sat on the floor of our living room to open this new treasure for our home. With unrestricted haste, I ripped open the carton and dislodged the machine from its Styrofoam packing, ignoring the manual booklet that fell to the floor beside me. Then, using the basic knowledge I had obtained from others whom I had observed installing similar machines, I proceeded to show my skill and wisdom.

After connecting a few wires and turning a few switches, I was ready to test my expertise. I took a videocassette, placed it in the machine, turned on the television, and bingoplay. As the picture appeared on the screen, I felt a sense of pride and personal accomplishment.

Turning to my son and daughter, I said, There it is; were in business. We sat and watched for a while; then something occurred that changed my life forever. The inquisitive nature of my son began to work.

He drew closer to the video machine, pointed to the row of 12 buttons, and asked, What are they for, Dad? In my attempt to show my fatherly wisdom and adult advantage in knowledge, I leaned forward and examined the buttons. I quickly realized that I was unable to explain any of the functions indicated by the buttons except those of pause, rewind, stop, and play, and I found myself exposing my ignorance to my young children. I learned a lesson that day that would become a major pillar in my life.

Since I had ignored the manufacturers manual and refused to read and follow the instructions contained therein, I was unable to utilize, maximize, and fully appreciate the full potential of the 15 product. I was settling for less than full capacity. I was a victim of living according to the standards and observations of others. In essence, the performance of the product was restricted by the limitation my ignorance had placed on its functions. This limitation of performance can also be extended to those who read the manufacturers manual but refuse to use the functions inherent in the construction of the product.

Therefore, they never experience the full potential of the machine. They only desire to experience the minimum. In reality, this experience perfectly describes the lives of most of the nearly six billion people on planet Earth. Many live on only four functions: play, stop, pause, and rewind. Day after day they go to jobs they hate, stop to rest in homes they despise, pause long enough to vent their frustration, and then play the games people play pretending to be happy.

They never experience the joy of the other functions of their lives, such as developing and refining their skills, fulfilling their God-given destiny, capturing their purpose for life, making long-range plans, expanding their knowledge base, increasing their exposure through travel, and exploring the limits of their gifts, talents, and abilities.

They have chosen to accept the fate of the millions who have resigned themselves to a normal life, with normal activities, in the company of normal people, striving for normal goals, at a normal pace, with normal motivation, with a normal education, taught by normal teachers, who give normal grades, and live in normal homes, with normal families, leaving a normal heritage, for their normal children, who bury them in a normal grave.

What a normal tragedy.


Maximizing Your Potential



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