The works are reproduced in brilliant color and give an excellent of his craft and talent. Some of the prints are small, but still visible to appreciate the detail. To put all the prints in full size on a single page, the book would have been massive, because the works are so numerous, one can appreciate the sheer volume and talent as well in his work. Some of the images are quite small - which I find a bit insulting as all are equally important. Maybe it would have been wiser to bring this out in two volumes to give all of his work equal space. I have loved his work for years and am always interested to see what he will think up next.

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Less known is that he uses his specially modified Kabuki make-up brushes, pencil, and acrylic paint, and airbrushing certain finishing details to create memorable hyper-realistic images. Beginning in the s and evolving into the 21st century, the futuristic aura of the robotic, mythical and fantastical figures in his art have always been ahead of their time.

His arts appear to us in many ways each day and are available on the internet, movie, media, and books. LTD in Japan. His arts which are often appealing and shockingly aesthetic went into public collections of major museums, private collections and academia worldwide.

This for the artist to create a series of sci-fi futuristic fantasy characters. Sorayama started his illustration career in Tokyo painting Sexy Robotic forms, objects, and pin-ups. Intrigued by the effects of light on various metallic surfaces, and always ready for challenges to his technique and imagination, Sorayama began producing a series of female robotic and bio-robotic figures in the late s; anatomically correct in form, but appearing to have been fashioned of molten silver.

In this work, he used ideas from pin-up art, which in the book then appear mostly as chrome-plated gynoids and feminine organic robots in suggestive poses as well as other humorous playful nature paintings of robotic plant and animal forms. In , Sorayama published the video illustration of his first work apart from the book illustrations but there was no copy available to review here for this research.

It has been the subject of special studies at Carnegie Mellon University and other academic institutions. During and , Sorayama worked on book project s with American fashion designer Marc Ecko.


Sorayama: Complete Masterworks



Sorayama: XL - Masterworks Edition Complete



Hajime Sorayama


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