Genres: Romance , Young Adult Theresa fell back onto the mattress, her body slick with perspiration and limp with pleasure. Spasms of her powerful release still violently racked her slender frame. Alessandro had disentangled, detached and distanced himself from her within seconds of their mutual orgasm and lay on his back beside her, his breathing heavy and ragged. Theresa turned on her side to lovingly trace his harsh profile with her eyes, yearning to touch and caress the smooth, silky and slightly tanned skin but knowing from experience that her touch would be rebuffed. His words, the ones that were always wrenched from him during his climax, still hovered in the air between them and they still, after all these months, hurt more than they should have.

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His short black hair was damp and standing up in tufts where he had carelessly towel-dried it after his shower. He wore nothing but a pair of black boxer shorts. He looked as gorgeous as always, and Theresa hated him more than ever for that masculine perfection.

She tensed, shocked by the touch…Alessandro never touched her outside of the bedroom. In the eighteen months they had been married, this was the first time that she could recall him touching her without it being a precursor to sex. He leaned closer to her and lowered his lips to her ear.

She felt his hot breath on the side of her face before he spoke. She nodded stiffly. She and her husband need all the capital they can get. Sandro had loaned her cousin, Lisa, the start-up capital for her bookshop. Sandro did nothing out of sheer generosity, and that loan was merely another weapon for him to use against her. You have a reputation to uphold.

What kind of message would that send? Do you think I care what you think of me? I never have and I never will. You wanted this marriage, remember? He had her exactly where he wanted her. There would be no divorce. Not when so much hung in the balance. She said nothing, choosing to turn and walk away instead. He watched her go, and she could feel his eyes burning into her slender back but he did not call her back.

She did not return to the bedroom they had shared since the first day of their marriage, opting instead to head for the library, knowing that she could not sleep another wink.

Not in that room, not anymore. Hours later, he came downstairs for breakfast. That morning was no different. They ate their casual weekend meals in the kitchen and the homey setting lent a false sense of domesticity to the scene.

But while Theresa was uncomfortable and tense in the intimate setting, Sandro always remained as cool as the proverbial cucumber. Then again, that was nothing new, as he rarely showed emotion. He kept his feelings under wraps but had always made his contempt for her more than clear. It was in the way he refused to meet her eyes, the way he could make love to her without kissing her on the mouth, the way he could talk past her when he had something to tell her, while eternally optimistic and stupid Theresa had never been good at hiding her feelings from him.

How hopelessly infatuated she had been! How quickly she had fallen in love.


The Unwanted Wife

Start your review of The Unwanted Wife Unwanted, 1 Write a review Shelves: authors-a-h , romance , series I was recommended this book by one of my GR friends and whilst I was a bit hesitant after reading the blurb a lot of angst it seemed to be, and the title was pretty hard. Theresa had married Sandro because she was in love with him but he was blackmailed by her manipulative father into the marriage and to produce a male son so that he can get his I was recommended this book by one of my GR friends and whilst I was a bit hesitant after reading the blurb — a lot of angst it seemed to be, and the title was pretty hard…. But he cruelly refuses…….. I hated Alessandro from the very beginning. His cruelty and his dismissive attitude to Theresa were truly horrible. How can a man ever behave in such a way?


A Husband's Regret (Unwanted #2)

I never was. Traveller: if you cannot find the path that leads to your goal, make your own path… step by step. Hi there and welcome to my website. Life can be a bit surreal sometimes. I suppose I can start with the fact that I have loved reading since I learned how and a love of writing followed soon after. After a while I started writing my own stories. Needless to say, nothing came of that.

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