Start your review of Transpo Tricks in Chess Write a review Shelves: philosophy-mind-puzzles This is not just another chess book. This is a book that gives you different moves against some of doing the same defenses. For example the double e- pawn opening, or the Sicilian defense. These are just two but the author breaks down all of the standard moves and take an in depth look into the pros and cons of traditional and his new way. If you like to play chess then this is a book to at least take a look at if anything it will get you to think differently and that is what we need to do some This is not just another chess book.

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He has also written some chess openings books that he obviously has not put sufficient effort into. His relatively recent " Transpo Tricks in Chess " Batsford seems to fall in between these two main groups of Soltis books.

Consequently you sometimes have to wonder how trustworthy his evaluations and suggestions are. Soltis was a strong player and is good at conveying his knowledge to the reader. I had a check of the London System and the Dutch Stonewall and was not particularly impressed but then there was nothing obviously wrong either. His coverage of the Closed Ruy Lopez was much more interesting. His explanations of the old Na5 variation the Proto-Chigorin are very thought provoking.

However, what really made me raise my eyebrows was his surprisingly brief comments on the Zaitsev variation. Re8 S.

Re8 Ng5 Rf8 Nf3 S. More precise is Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. Re1 b5 7. Bb3 d6 8. Re8 or Bb7 Nf3 than after We conclude that exactly the opposite is true: the move-order Re8 gives Black some extra opportunities to avoid a draw by repetition. I so far have no reason to doubt this conclusion. Statement number two is more worrying: In our Ruy Lopez book we do not discuss Re8 at all.

Did we miss something very basic or critical in our research? A quick check with my database was enough to calm me: There is only one high-level game with The game continued Bb7 and although White won the game, Black appeared to have a fully playable position after 20 moves.

The game did nothing to reduce the interest in Re8 and I could find no examples continuing Na5 in my database. Ba2 is an important variation for the understanding of the Zaitsev variation. If there ever is an update of our Zaitsev book, it will certainly be mentioned. However, I suspect it will concentrate on the natural Bb7 rather than on However, if you have researched a subject yourself, you will probably find Soltis book a bit superficial or even disappointing. However, there is also a realistic chance that you could also stumble over something really thought-provoking.

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