I hope this is the correct place guise post about it here. When you get power added to your city, you might want to destroy the tropico 4 prima official strategy guide entertainment buildings and replace them with more sophisticated counter parts. There is also tourism. If you have Modern Vuide then you will have access to the electronics factory and the car factory. If you industry runs out of input, it just sits idle tropico 4 prima official strategy guide burns money in the form offical wages and tropico 4 prima official strategy guide. At this level, all residential buildings will generate about a month in profit.

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In the beginning The first thing to do with any game of Tropico is to set up your avatar. The older Tropico games used to make you choose your background, route to power and then two positive traits and two flaws, which was a cool trade-off.

You still have to pick a background and your rise to power but now you pick three traits and they are all positive to varying degrees. You need them for the army, various government buildings, power stations and industries. A lot of the other options have drawbacks attached.

Pop Singer is good if you want a tourist island, Self-Made Man is good for industry and Silver Spoon combines the two but at the cost of Communist respect. If you need maximum cash in a hurry then Booze Baron works well. The best by far if you want to have a tourist trade is Hotel Corporate Buyout. Begin by conducting a thorough survey.

Seriously, pause the game and then check what resources you have. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to just select the building gold mine or coffee farm and then check where the good spots are on the map, the greener the better. You can use the Overlays above the mini map to do this too and it is something you should refer back to as you go to quickly identify any major problem areas. Once you have done this you can start to plan your island. The type of economy you build will depend on your personal tastes and on the mission you have to complete.

You can go for crops, industry or tourism as your main focus or you can blend them. You should check for good tourist spots at the start too because you want to keep them well segregated from your industry and farms and….

Housing and Food The fastest route to an unhappy population, rising crime and violent rebellion is homelessness and hunger.

You absolutely have to provide enough food for your population. Always start by placing a couple of food farms and at least one fishing wharf. The good thing is that you can sell any surplus food you produce. You can import food as well, but you have to get your economy on track first.

You can build a marketplace or supermarket in Modern Times and allow imports to avoid starvation but you might find it quite costly at the start. Keep an eye on your housing stock as your population grows. When you have enough housing to cater for your whole population which will be a running battle you should consider making your bottom tier tenements free so that even the unemployed homeless have a basic option that will discourage them from building a shack.

If your Tropico 4 housing stock includes a lot of tenements make sure that you upgrade them to have air conditioning when you get power because it seriously improves the living standards for tenants.

You can easily get stuck in a negative feedback loop. Useful Edicts There are loads of useful edicts in Tropico 4 and the Modern Times expansion adds even more. These two edicts will save you a fortune. As your economy grows you can save Food for the People as a happiness booster when you need it. Most of the other edicts have particular political implications so whether you use them or not will depend on your aims. The last one worth using periodically is the Amnesty for rebels. Construction Everyone knows that builders are a lazy bunch and in Tropico 4 this unfortunate truth can be a real pain.

I usually have at least a couple of construction offices. You can also set priorities for buildings so always hit high priority for the ones you want completed first. The best way of getting them to speed up on an individual building project is to find El Presidente and send him to visit the construction site you can hit Backspace to select him and just right click on the construction site you want him to visit.

This can make a real difference and get your builders moving. Imports and Exports Your balance of goods will ultimately decide whether you win or lose.

The fact you can import goods is great. You can build a furniture factory and just import lumber instead of chopping down your own trees which will anger the environmentalists. In fact it means you are free to import all manner of goodies and build any industry you want. Always try and get a Customs Office fairly early to increase the prices of your exports. The traffic will inevitably build up and become gridlocked as you grow. Modern Times introduces a wonderful new transport option to the world of Tropico — a subway system.

You can build subway stations anywhere and your Tropicans will happily use them which means — no more traffic problems. Just be careful when you put them out that you keep an eye on the cost, the further apart they are the more expensive they are to build.

You should also leave gaps in your busy areas so you can slot the subway stations in when they become available. Logistics Another important Tropico tip to keep things running smoothly involves logistics. You need plenty of Teamsters to pick up your exports and transport them to the dock for sale. As long as they are near a garage and you have enough of them to pick up all your goods then you should be fine.

If you have a lot of surplus goods at your factories or mines and they seem to be taking too long to get picked up then you need more teamsters. On some islands depending on the layout you should consider building a second dock to help. Industry Getting your industry up and running can really bring in the cash. You can always sell raw resources but if you use them to manufacture products instead your profit will grow significantly.

You will need an educated workforce though, so a high school and college are essential. For this to work you have to turn on imports in the factory. Most of the industrial buildings have upgrades so always click on the building and take a look.

Many of them require electricity so you may not be able to get them when you first put the building out but you should make sure to remember and go back when you have power. The chemical plant is a good industry to start with because it only needs power to run and it improves the quality of your clinics and hospitals. Make sure your palace is always fully staffed with soldiers raise the wages if necessary and build the improvements to increase their job satisfaction.

Always build the Childhood Museum and consider building newspapers, radio stations and TV stations to improve your standing with the people you can target specific factions if you like.

Immigration and Wages You need a steady supply of immigrants to begin with but when you start to see unemployment and homelessness you need to close the gates. You can only control this with an Immigration Office so get one early. Wages in Tropico 4 are vital as they determine what your Tropicans can afford. You should keep an eye on average Caribbean pay and see how your wages compare. Increase them when you can to avoid expensive strikes and increase job satisfaction.

Make sure you keep the same tier structure of unskilled — high school — college workers. You can also use better wages to attract people to a specific job you want to fill. Make sure the dock workers and teamsters are always happy because they can effectively freeze your economy if they go on strike. Religion, Healthcare and Entertainment You will need entertainment and religion to keep your Tropicans happy. You should get a church fairly early to keep the religious faction off your back.

Both healthcare and religious buildings should keep pace with your growing population just make sure you have a sound economy to support them. You have a pretty good range of entertainment options to choose from and some of them, like the movie theatres can be set to provide different bonuses.

When you hire ministers make sure they are talented or they might trigger negative events. Always fire them if they do. Good ministers will trigger bonuses for you. Check your Almanac frequently it has all the information you need to plan the right strategy and decide on priorities.

Remember to build some beauty in the shape of parks, trees and fountains. Build a weather station so you get warnings about upcoming disasters. In the campaign many of the missions have trigger points. Things will only advance when you complete certain tasks, so sometimes holding off on a specific task can help you build a solid foundation before advancing. Even gold can be made into jewellery so take advantage. Worked in the industry as a tester, designer and producer.





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