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I always wanted it to happen because I always thought that Mayantha was a better match for Upala. Now that it is finally happening I feel extremely sad for her.

Earlier this week we saw Mayantha asking Upala if she would marry him to which Upala politely said no. He also said that he gave up his dream of starting a Food Company. In the mean time Mayantha tracks down the thug who tried to rob his food recipes. The thug finally says that Kumarasiri was behind all this all the while. Upala and Kalum in the mean time share an intimate moment. However this scene changes and they show us a clock which to me showed that Kalum and Upala shared an intimate moment.

So everything is finalized and Kalum leaves Upala in tears. It is only Mayantha who is there to comfort her. They plan and try to give Upala 4 laks as a payment. Kalum also comes to meet Upala in the usual place and tells her that they are not one but two and have different needs and wants. So saying well I am breaking up with you. Upala to happily look at a flower that Mayantha gave her and smiles.

This may be where this love story would end with Upala and Mayantha marrying. I mean they are a perfectly matching couple and we have seen them as a couple before in Ran Tharu on ITN.

I always hated Kalum and his selfish ways. It is also important to notice that Upala gets to know that Kalum asked for the Food recipes because he wanted to give them to Kumarasiri…..

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Kalum to break up with Upala in Uthum Pathum….


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