Gardajind Using FeaturesUse aFeatureTo manal a feature, do one of the following: Originate Only — Line button can only be used to make not receive calls. Consecutive pauses svaya allowed. Extension, Personal, and System. To change the language for your display: Do one of the following: Group Paging To broadcast an announcement to a paging group, lift the handset and dial the extension of the paging group. To use without programming a Park button: General, Extension, and Line.

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Samushura Steady green The line is in use, or the feature programmed onto the line button is on. Programming and Feature CodesCall Handling FeaturesCall Waiting When Call Waiting is turned on at an extension and you arealready on a call, you hear one tone for inside calls or two tonesfor outside calls when a second call arrives at that extension.

Retrieving a call on hold. To return to normal operation, press Mute again. You can program two types of Auto Dialbuttons: To change the language for your display: If you activate Coverage Inside On, you can cover both outside and inside calls.

Answer aCallTo answer an outside or inside call, do one of the following: To select a ring pattern for your telephone: There are two types of Coverage: In this guide, LINE represents a button that is labeled with an dd line number and EXT represents a button that may be with an extension number or an Intercom number.

To change the language for your display: Announce the call optional. P appears on the display. When you press HFAIyou can talk to a person who calls you on an intercom call without lifting the receiver. To program another button, repeat steps 1, 5, and 6; or exit by 0 0. Error alternating high-low tones You dialed or used a feature incorrectly. Extension, Personal, and System. Forward Use Forward to send calls arriving at your extension to another number. To change personal directory listings: Page 24 Exit Menu Exit Menu Check with your System Manager to see if you are allowed to send calls to outside numbers.

Press the programmed Feature button. Choice To change the language for your display: Use the Extension Directory to dial inside numbers. To send calls to an outside number: Press the line button programmed with the feature. Use Follow Me to have calls arriving at your extension sent toanother extension where you are working. Your manual failed to upload You must program a Drop button onto a button. To program a Saved Number Dial button: To cancel from f sending telephone: Programming and Feature Codes Covering Calls Features Coverage Coverage allows a call ringing at one extension a sender to ring at another extension a receiver at the same time, and to be answered at either extension.

If required, dial the dial-out code, usually 9. Dial the extension or outside number. Dial one of the following: Confirmation double break in dial tone followed by steady tone You used a feature correctly. Park Park places a call on hold at your extension so that it can be picked up from any extension in the system.

Buttons you label and program are represented by red letters on a white background CampOn. Related Posts.


Avaya 4406D+ Magix Phone

Buttons you label and program are represented by red letters on a white background CampOn. Line buttons are buttons used to make or receive inside or outside calls. Line buttons are labeled differently depending on how your system is configured. To mute, press Mute.


Avaya 4406D+, 4412D+, 4424D+, 4424LD+ User Manual



Avaya 4406D+, 4412D+, 4424D+, 4424LD+ User's Manual


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