RESUMEN Presentamos 6 casos de quiste de colйdoco diagnosticados por Pancreatocolangiografнa Retrograda Endoscуpica PCRE , las edades de los pacientes fueron12,13,17,20,29 y 36 aсos, 5 pacientes fueron de sexo femenino y 1 de sexo masculino, el sнntoma principal fue dolor abdominal. La Pancreatocolangiografнa Retrуgrada Endoscуpica demuestra detalles anatуmicos de los conductos biliares, pancreбtico y uniуn pancreбtico biliar que permite tomar actitudes de manejo quirъrgico o endoscуpico adecuadas. Patients were12,13,17,20,29 and 36 years old. Five were female and one was a male. The main symptom was abdominal pain.

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Agostinho Neto "in the year , in order to publicize the case and at the same time provide an updated theme, by the scarcity of related national literature review. According to this it develops the case is presented as support for this review. The definition, epidemiology, classification Todani are exposed; etiopathogenesis where the current and most accepted theory, which is the wrong binding bile duct and pancreatic; pathology, clinical and diagnostics, where the utility and results of imaging studies that are highlighted explained; surgical treatment and surgical techniques were applied to different types of cysts according to the classification shown Todani; early and late complications arise; and the prognosis which highlights after the patient operated the risk of malignancy in the biliary tree remnant is high, so the result may be adverse late.

All this is accompanied by figures for better understanding. Keywords: choledochal cyst, surgery, imaging, patient. Douglas, en , reporta otro caso y describe la triada de ictericia, dolor y tumor en el hipocondrio derecho. Wheeler, en , describe por primera vez el coledocele. Tipo IV: se divide en dos. El tipo I, y a veces el tipo IV, carecen de mucosa biliar o puede estar presente pero distribuida en parches. Ocasionalmente puede faltar la mucosa o estar distribuida en parches.

Biopsia Presenta escaso infiltrado inflamatorio agudo. Son usuales la ictericia intermitente y la colangitis recurrente. Como se puede observar presento una colestasis. Actualmente no se utiliza de rutina. Tipo II. Tipo III. Tipo V. Posee una morbilidad del 2. Cubana Cir. Rev Cubana. Rev Cub Cir; Rev Cubana Cir. Yeo C J. Ch Philadelphia; pp Sabiston Textbook of Surgery.

Barcelona; pp Abdominal Operations. Accesso Surgery. USA; Technical note on complete excision of choledochal cysts. Hepatobiliary Pancreas Dis Int. Choledochal Cyst - Presentation and Treatment in an Adult. Act Inform Med. Choledochal Cysts: A Review of Literature. Saudi J Gastroenterol. J Am Coll Surg.

Mesleh M, Deziel D J. Bile Duct Cysts. Surg Clin N Am: ; Gastroenterol Res Pract. Ann Surg ; Surgical experience of cases of adult choledochal cyst disease over 14 years. World J Surg. Adult choledochal cysts: an audit of surgical management. ANZ J Surg. Gastroenterology Research Prac [Internet]. Pediatr Gastroenterol Hepatol Nutr ; Ruptured choledochal cyst: a rare presentation and unique approach to management.

Hepatobiliary Surg Nutr ; 4 1 : E8-E Cystic disorders of the bile ducts. Cameron J L. Current Surgical Therapy. Philadelphia: Elsevier; Diagnosis and Management of Choledochal Cysts. Indian J Surg. Biliary cysts: Etiology, diagnosis and management. World J Gastroenterol. Diagnosis and management of choledochal cyst: 20 years of single center experience. Risk of subsequent biliary malignancy in patients undergoing cyst excision for congenital choledochal cysts.

Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Pancreaticobiliary maljunction is associated with common bile duct carcinoma: a meta-analysis. Scientific World Journal. Role of magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography in diagnosing choledochal cysts: Case series and review. World J Radiol. Surgical treatment of congenital biliary duct cyst.

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Quistes del conducto biliar (quistes de colédoco) Tipos y síntomas



Quiste de colédoco tipo I (TODANI). Caso clínico



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